“Party Yatanga haizi ye MMT” – Another Indie Calls Out My Favourite Group


Just got my hands on a party song called Nhasi Party by Sinbad90 and Henry from dollar sign music. Is it dope? Yes it is and quite interesting. These guys called out my favourite group MMT.


My favourite group is MMT? Yes are you gon’ have a tummy ache over that? Anyway this guy knows what a party song is about. I mean you must understand this is the Hiphop / Dancehall era, fuse the 2. MMT did that with Chakaipa, went well, never mind the haters (get the track via this link). Then another thing is, be lyrical in between verses go catchy on the chorus. And this guy though not popular as MMT, Few Kings etc..has a lot of elements even they would humbly learn from. Unless they feel like they’re worth 60mill too.


I don’t have Beats by Dre or even 6eats by Dre but am sure the master levels are radio standard. I hope this track is on radio or SOHH  already. It’s bound to be on my hitlist (Like my loudest ex’). If it’s not on radio Sinbad90 probably uses crayons to title cd’s, SOHH warned no magic markers… .It’s a banging party track (like Hondo Yeminda) . There’s no other reason radio should ignore it, unless the MC won’t give them a Cut.


Now how did Sinbad90 take a shot at MMT? It’s really one of those shots he can deny and say “Kna’ I was just making metaphors. I’d never do something like that. Let’s be united in Zimhiphop!!!” Lol.


“Hey Chimbodzimai ma phone, Party Yatanga haizi ye MMT/
Wudzai Zvidhori zviburuke mumuti,
hasi ma funnies or else security”


BAM… this summer must be hotter with their bulletproofs on, all these attacks when you reach the top, don’t snap or you’ll drop.


MMT is fast becoming the Biti…of zimhiphop. Everyone putting it in jokes, shots, diss tracks, walls… Usually these songs are posted to their wall like “Yo, come hear me take shots at you!!!”. MMT alleges it’s a battle for relevance. They are right though. Lol, I love Zimhiphop, it’s provokative. I believe MMT gets too upset sometimes and speaks out on their page. But come on guys when your hip-hop tummy upset you need em, they woke up the game and started the party, they even gave y’all dolls to play with. Now that the party’s started and Few Kings buying drinks for our girls (which make us “Happy” because we’re “Broke N***z“) remove them both on repeat, get your sofas out the crib and give some guys a chance for variety. Sinbad90 Nhasi Party in this case.


This is better than some stuff on the radio…. no am lying. I don’t listen to radio, Navy Seal tells me what’s on radio. I know there’s crap there. Why would you keep using a bush path you once stepped on someones poop in? No pooh for my ears, I watch your hulkshare, soundcloud and reverbnation links, thats where I step on quality though there’s a sewage of that poop out there as well. Everybody taking a doodoo on soundcloud. But if Sinbad90 took a doodoo, this is the shi* I like to step on.


This jam should be able to hit parties, public transport etc… Windie (Conductor) might miss your bus stop while nodding to this? Naaah, it’s not that powerful. It’s just good on a good level. Was starting to sound like a pentecoastal guy praising his pastor (or your friends that you ask to blog about you). Sinbad90 didn’t know I would review this but the song gave me the energy to.


Sinbad90 I support you, I need you to keep getting deep with your delivery , your lyricism and overall promo on social media. You already know what constitutes of a compelling track I’m not shy to share. It’s time to do the extra ordinary, study the charts, build links and good PR. Much blessings. #Provokatif

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    • Will be interviewing Seh Calaz soon. If you can help us reach any dancehall guys let us know ku contact section… we appreciate. #Provokatif


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