Southern Africa brings energy to London’s Stage

If you're thinking about or wanting to find out more about African music, don't be afraid to attend live events. You'll get to see people who love music, who will want to network, create friendship and give you even more suggestions of music to listen to.


Having a chance to listen to your favourite artist from up close gives you that all inclusive experience. They are able to give more than just a video or piece of audio to your ears. They are able to fulfil the song in person with their energy and emotions on stage while you capture every moment and experience. A moment when Southern Africa stepped on a London stage.

Let’s cast ourselves to about a week ago. Most of us, probably still having the music stuck in our minds from the night before. Or maybe the photographic memory of the performers, the venue and the people there.

For those who didn’t manage to attend the event, or those who want to look back. This is for you.

Impala Sama Festival 2018

Mukuru Promotors

Y2K Entertainment Promotions, The Promotors of the event hosted Southern Africa’s well known musicians from both Zimbabwe and South Africa in London and Coventry.  The event which took place at the Oasis venue (London), could just about get everyone in, so you could feel the heat. However, it’s the good heat we’re talking about ! Note by the end of the first performance most people were got out of their chairs and straight onto the floor to dance.

The Performers

Sam Dondo performing on stage

Sam Dondo, a simple yet talented singer who keeps a distinctive Zimbabwean sound with the guitar performed some of his songs to get the crowd started. Though still upcoming, he has managed to collaborate with Zimbabwean musicians and South African recording artist and producers such as Casper Nyovest. An artist who shall continue to grow with each song he puts out.

Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi performing on stage

Dr Oliver Mtukudzi. Well known for his songs such as  Todii (1999), Wasakara (2001) and Hear me Lord (2004). The stage filled the room with energy from the rhythm of the music to the hypnotic dancing. Some of us couldn’t contain our feet which just followed the beat and did ‘masters’.

Windy D performing on stage

Windy D, known for his reggae dance hall music and his distinctive style followed Dr Oliver Mtukudzi bit lighting up the stage. The two who have collaborated before on a song ‘Panorwadza Moyo’ (2016)

Smiles from the audience

Giving a taste of his new single Ngirozi (2018) from his new album Gombwe: Chiextra. A song most of us will be able to relate to. No wonder most of the audience managed to sing along to word for word.

Guitar Musican on stage

Andy Muridzo, who describes him self as an ‘upcoming artist from Zimbabwe’, has already gone on to perform with the hit artist Jah Prayzah and continue to create new music for his new fans. The song ‘Emma’ (2017) which is almost at 1 million views on YouTube, is of course creating a name for him in the world of music. So with this song, it was one he had performed for the crowd. Even with all the dancing and dance footwork, every song remained at the same level of energy and in sync.

Smiles from the audience

Despite the timing with the schedule, Mafikizolo drew the event to a close with some of their hit songs through the years. From their first hits to their latest, everyone would have heard or known at least one of their songs. Memorable songs included Emlanjeni (2005) Ndihamba Nawe (2007) and Love Potion (2017), songs that contribute to their #20 years of being in the music industry and their latest album release #20 (2017).

Since most of the artists were Zimbabwean, it was a chance for South Africans to also come and attend the event, which was great to see both countries coming together.

Zim Queenz members with ZimLink Press Member

Those behind the scenes managed to push through the night. The promotors, the press, security and those helping outside with the braii in the rain kept in tack. Something which gives an overall look of being professional. A very big thank you to all.

Smiles from the audience

If you’re thinking about or wanting to find out more about African music, don’t be afraid to attend live events. You’ll get to see people who love music, who will want to network, create friendship and give you even more suggestions of music to listen to.

Impala Sama Festival 2019 next year for you then ?

See you there !

Useful Links to those featured

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