The Zimbabwe Olympic Committee (ZOC) is an umbrella sports organisation whose main objective is to develop and protect the Olympic Movement in Zimbabwe in accordance with the Olympic Charter. ZOC has 30 National Sports Associations affiliated to it on a voluntary basis. It is governed by a constitution and the General Assembly which meets annually and is the highest decision making organisation of ZOC.

In between General Assemblies, the Executive Board takes charge of ZOC business. The Board is elected every four years in the year following the Olympic Games. However, the constitution has a provision for co-option of Board Members to address anomalies in representation. The Commissions are appointed by the Board to ensure effective discharge of the Board’s responsibilities and there are currently 11 Commissions are in place and functioning effectively.

ZOC also has a Secretariat of six full-time staff members headed by the Chief Executive Officer/Secretary General, but like many other sporting organizations in Zimbabwe, benefits considerably from the involvement of volunteers.