The Zimlink Launch


Zimlink the official launch on the 21st of June showcased the some of the best in music, art, novelists, business world and inspirational speakers from a myriad of cultures came to gather at the international venue that is the white lion. After 11 months of hard work connecting brothers and sisters, building web sites, covering events, training and empowering the community. Zimlink continues to grow in just 11 months we have become an international organisation started from one, now with over 100 team members and a family that is the people of the world. In just 2 months our Facebook page has grown by 4,000 to 7,500 followers we reach over 70,000 people regularly and that is moving up every day. The Zimlink magazine reaches on average 1,000 people a day. Zimlink is involved with an array of personalities and has been instrumental in providing media coverage for a lot of functions in the past year within the global community such as Black African Women Rock, Pamtengo Radio, Brixton book jam, Zimbabwe Achievers Awards, Zimbabwe cup clash and so much more…

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The Zimlink Launch started slowly from 12 pm then grew into a lively melting pot of ideas art and culture with patrons representing every corner of the globe.  The launch, which started from midday until midnight, with fun filled activities, speeches, music, and poetry. The attendance and the fullness of the programme showed that Zimlink is growing in the heart, soul and is relevant in furthering artists and other personnel’s such as business individuals to propel their careers forth and gain new audiences. The platform also allows for artists and business people to network and make links that are beneficial to them. The event mirrored this as a lot of networking was done and worthwhile connections were made by the patrons as well as Zimlink itself.

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To grace the stage at the launch where Adrian Cramp a freelance artist and poet, Real 0’Real Israel Onoriode a singer, Tony Tokunbo Eteka Fernandez a business man and inspirational speaker, Lindani Moyo the founder of Black African African Women RockJen Titi-Lola Da Sweetnezz a poet and musician, Raymond Television & radio presenter, Pamtengo radio an internet radio broadcaster, Ade Beauty Love of True African HeritageMary Ajoke Akangbe assisting victims of domestic abuse, Nomanono Isaacs an author and poet, Zim Youth a youth organisation promoting Zimbabwean youth, Nikkita Da’Silva , Munyaradzi Wordplay Usuwana a poet, Lungo Zikhali Smith  singer and  Sis Maneli singer.  All artists had great words to say about Zimlink.

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The launch also marked the start of Project Zimlink. This will entail a trip from London to Harare later this year linking up with communities and organisations on route a four month project to create better understanding education and training.

Zimlink would like to thank all those who contributed to making the launch a success. Zimlink will continue to work with individuals and organisations to assist them with their media goals. The trip to Africa will contribute with broadening its brand and teaching and recruiting a future generation of Zimlink team members.




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