Home is brought to the UK at ZimFest 2018


ZimLink ventured to Kempton Park this year, where for Zimfest. The ever growing annual event brings energy to the UK grounds allowing the diaspora feel right at home.

ZimFest sees hundreds of families, friends and those wanting to connect with the Spirit of home, walk through the doors. It’s a place to become immersed in all the activities it offers, and happens once a year.

ZimFest’s welcoming all

Starting from 12 pm till late, the rain didn’t stop the crowd from heading home, but instead created a buzz throughout the day. Having a large open space in the centre allowed a full 360 view of the area. It allowed parents to see as they walked in that other children were able to have fun.

The children seemed to forget about their gadgets at home and instead opt for the outdoor enjoyment. A close symbol of home, where open space is available and kids roam around freely making use of all that is available to them. Bringing a change from their day to day life right for a day.

Children Playing football together at ZimFest


Food is always available and with many stalls available, not one left the grounds hungry. From traditional dishes to vegan options, the list was endless. With ZimFest attracting Zimbabweans from all over the UK, it also welcomed Zimbabwe’s neighbours and Caribbean flavours into the mix. BringAndBraii, gave a reminder of what life is like with sunshine blazing and the smell of meat on the braii (BBQ).

‘Zimfest is Ekhaya away from ekhaya.’


Stalls were plentiful and seeing each stall bring out unique and colourful products almost seemed you were back home at the market stalls. With Ankara prints, bold colours mixed with modern styles, the stalls brought variety.

African Print Designs sold in Stalls


One of the main focuses was the non stop music which could be heard from the smaller marquees to the main stage. DJ’s were there to accommodate everyone from the classics to the AfroBeats and Gospel. Artists form mainland Zimbabwe took their time to come and perform giving the audience what they wanted.

Audience cheering for the next artist to perform on stage

The Line Up included

  • Takura
  • Killer T
  • Shanky
  • Kazz AKA Mr Boomslang
  • Friends of Christ
  • Sumluani Chimbetu & Orchestra Dendera Kings
  • Tehilah Moyo
  • Blackdiamond
  • Charlie K
  • Chashe
  • Zee Guveya & the Heritage Survival Band
  • Xavier

Having a chance to smell hear and be in such an atmospheric place created a positive vibe for this years ZimFest. Seeing everyone come together concluded that as a community we are able to share the same thing which is hold home close to our heart.

Representing Zambia

What aspects of ZimFest remind you of home ?

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