You Are Loved! Very Much Do Believe It!

You Are Loved! Most of the time we go about our lives thinking that we are on our own. We have to do this and that, on our own.

We are really never alone. First of all, what about our souls? Do they just seat somewhere obscure and never know about our daily struggles or achievements? What about the Creator, GOD? Is She, He, It, not a part of everything that we do? Even at the point of our internal separation within the depths of ourselves, giving in to fears and worries, when we  thought that God is outside of us, or does not even exist, and we thought that we were suffering and struggling because we had done something wrong, and yet, He, She, It is always there, around us, observing without judgement and trusting that we may see the light within, and stop punishing ourselves.

You Are Loved! Very Much Do Believe It!

Know You Are Loved! The stories of Hell and Punishment, after death, are a Human construct. Here to create separation and to control humanity, by imposing fear in our minds. We are Loved, truly Loved by our Souls. By the Creator, The Universe.

Our lives were meant to be of never ending prosperity, love, happiness, joy and abundance of beautiful things and situations in our experiences. It is not late. We can still focus on our Souls or Higher Selves. We can talk to our Souls or Higher Selves, asking for whatever we choose. As long as it is something that is in Love of the Universe, Love of Self and Love of Mother Earth and Humanity.

Looking at nature and life around us. Don’t you think all of this was created for humanity’s pleasure? I think so. I think this is so because we are magnificent and All of Nature and Creation chose to support us and Love us in a very special way. Unfortunately, some of us are very blind and deaf to the call of nature and creation.

I feel inspired to share a song that speaks to me. When I listen to this song, I imagine that Goddess Gaia – Mother Earth, and The Galactic Source – The Creator are speaking to me. Telling me to enjoy all that is in the world. To enjoy my life and to wake up everyday, thankful for my life. To be eager for each moment that my breath is filling my body with life. To be kind, joyous, respect and accept others. Not to judge or blame. 

To know and appreciate that I am Loved totally and absolutely by The Universe.

That whatever trials and struggles I may encounter or have encountered, is because I had a moment of forgetting that I am always supported, by the Universe, and then thought that I could do everything on my own. I forgot to hand over all the difficulties I encountered to the Big Universe with its Big hands and shoulders to take and carry and above all, to guide me, with its very quiet whispers. All I needed to do, was listen to the little voice within me.

A voice telling me to relax and not to worry too much. But to think of something that makes me feel happy, instead. Something that makes me feel joyful and excited about life in general.

Dream Your Sweet Dreams till Your Soul Is released

Know You are Loved. Rest in Peace. Dream your Sweet Dreams till your soul is released. Know You are Loved. Rest in Peace. Dream your Sweet Dreams till your soul is released.

Beloved Child My Heart Is Yours. Beloved Child Go Out and Open Doors With Your Love. With Your Faith. With Your Compassion. With Your Grace. Oh With Your Grace.

Beloved Child You Are The Light of The World. Beloved Child Go Out Spread Light to the World. Be Strong. Be Kind. Be Brave. Know Your Mind. Know that You Are Divine.

Know that It’s alright to be afraid. Know that You are Love. Rest in Peace. Dream Your Sweet Dreams till your soul is released. Know you are Loved. Rest in Peace. Dream Your Sweet Dreams till your soul is released.

Rest In Peace

For me personally, the words ‘Rest in Peace’ have nothing to do with the dead. It is very much about me resting during my sleep and dreaming beautiful dreams. My soul resting until I wake up in the morning, ready to start a new day, refreshed and in Love with Self and Life.

This is also for me to realise that my presence at this time on Earth is for a very good reason. In fact, not just my presence. All of us, here at this time. We may not know exactly the true purpose of our presence here, and yet, if we consider that the very presence of each and every individual, is part of a Divine Plan, we will relax and be happy for our presence, without a need to think that we have to do this and that. Be this and that. But Just Be!

You Are Loved!

This is a reminder to know that there is a bigger energy, in the Universe that is larger than all of us. A Loving Energy. If then we are so Loved, why can’t we love ourselves? We tend to struggle with self-love. We look outside of us for love. We look desperately for someone else to love and validate us. When the romantic love goes pair shaped, we then go into depression, blame and complaining. Expecting someone else to fill you with love that you have not been able to fill yourself with, is truly a tall order! Love Yourself and then share You with the one who loves himself or herself! You will live in bliss and excitement in your lives.

Stay Blessed.







VIANomanono Isaacs
SOURCEYou Are Loved - Jai Jagdeesh
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I am Nomanono Isaacs. Author of Escaping Apartheid-A Letter to My Mother. I was born in the Republic of South Africa. I am So Thankful to have this opportunity to share through this column, who I was and what inspires me now as I evolve everyday. I am very different today from the angry, resentful and hating person I was before I escaped South Africa. These emotions were brought by an incident that happened to my mother. Two young white boys set an Alsatian dog onto her. My own Mama, was inspirational to my change, to FORGIVE! In spite of her experience, she had a huge LOVING heart. When she realised how angry and resentful I had become, she kept saying: "Please forgive them my daughter. Please forgive them." I did not forgive overnight, however, she activated a seed of Love in me.


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