Check Out This Poem: A Street Called Ghetto by Kudakwashe Mapinde


I write from the heart a poem

Not of gallant knights on noble steeds

And shining armor

Nor of good karma

Nor of kissing under the moon light

Nor of a village beu

Nor of Turkish delights

Nor of landscapes covered in oriental splendor

Nor of even cupid s effect


A poem of the castaways

A poem of the minorities

A poem of the voiceless

A poem of the deceived

A poem of my people


A poem which heaves and sighs

A poem devoid of happy ever endings

A poem of the outmost suffering of a ghetto soul

A poem which mirrors the gray patches

In lady life s black and white dress


A poem of the cursed

A poem of the homeless

A poem  of that young boy who is

Begging on the streets

A poem of that blind lady you passed on your

Way home

A poem of that mini skirted teen in the shabeen


A lamentation of that avid seeker of enlightenment

A poem which knows not borders and coasts

A poem which soars with the nightingales

And vampire bats

A poem of the unknown hero and the forgotten heroine



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