You are Fierce! – Read good poetry by Peggie “Umind?!” Shangwa


I will give you every place where you set your foot

Or don’t you know that You are a jawbone in my hand

I will give you territories

You are fierce; your ideas are earth moving

Or don’t you know


Ideas are the airlines that catapult us into the air

Action is what steadies the flight

Get your faith linked to Clarity and focus

Destination Purpose, work hard and you will land safely

The Land I am taking you to is fertile

Beloved, You are fierce!


When you put your mind to it, You are STRONG

Firmness and stable….worry not

You are in my hand an art piece Engraved

You will displace Kingdoms

I wish your mind would let you in on a little secret

You are Fierce!


Substance and Fire, You are a force to reckon with

That’s why blending in will never work

You feel uncomfortable; sometimes you interpret it as Rejection

Oh you have no idea, You are Fierce!

Greatness building up pressure an Edifice


People are not prepared for what you are

Your difference upsets and confuses them

So they try and sideline you

Call you eccentric or sometimes schizophrenic

Because I am making you a mighty army, people of valour

Your mind does tangents and curves that the average

Mind cannot decipher

Your conversation picks ideologies apart

Breaks down mysteries, philosophies are solved like basic equations

They sit with you and change the subject constantly because they have trouble

Keeping up

You are people of Impact and Influence

I will give you divine strategies to Advance and take Dominion

You are fierce


He opened up the Vaults of heaven and specifically picked

Up one revolutionary idea and placed it in your hands

Weapons and tactics for mass destruction

You will advance the Kingdom and take Territories

You will plunder the enemy wherever you go


It bugs me that you are wasting time consulting

Everything we can see, feel and touch started off as an idea

Bill Gates has one of those; the Wright brothers oh hey let me

Bring it home Enhanced Communication Network (ECONET)

Used to be one of those

You are Force, You are FIERCE!


Beloved better believe it

Your ideas are God birthed

All you are was God engineered move into your place of assignment

Get ready to Divide and Scatter as you Wage War

He has given you power, Go in and possess

You are Force.


You are way ahead of the mass

You are science and discovery waiting to be explored

You channel discovery wherever you are because he has made you Kings and Priests

You motivate thought patterns and thinking strategies

Manufacture quality, weapons and Tactics

Influencing Communities

You are FIERCE!


You are a soldier in the Army of the Lords Resistance team

There is a champion in you, A barrier breaker

Your words are bridges from people’s fears to their dreams

You inject Promise into the lives of those around you

You are WARRIOR, You have Vigour and Potency

Jericho is your opportunity to Rise

The Harder the enemy comes against you the harder he will fall

You are FORCE; I need you to see this


There is a Domain and a terrain with your name on it

I have given you power, Appointed you over Nations and Kingdoms

To Uproot and tear down, to destroy and Overthrow, to Build and to Plant

That on Mt Zion, There will be Deliverance

It will be Holy

And the House of Jacob will possess its Inheritance

I will give you every place you set your foot on

Or don’t you know…You are a jawbone in my hand

I will give you territories; Dominion is yours…Take Over

You are FIERCE!


Copywright Peggie Shangwa 2014



About the author: Peggie Shangwa, known as Umind?!,  is a writer, singer, speaker, MC and spoken word artist who thrives on word passion and speaks her mind in connection with her spirit, laying down heart issues on any platform. She is a performance poet as well as a slam poet. 

Connect with Umind?! using the details given below, and stay tuned to zimlink for lots of fresh and exciting content!

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