Leave, cleave and weave – Read good poetry by Peggie “Umind?! Shangwa


Poetry lovers, brace yourselves for a hectic mind-waltz! Introducing Peggie “Umind?!” Shangwa. I’d use the words phenomenally exceptional to describe her, but go on; read on, and pick your own verbs, nouns and adjectives! Leave, cleave and weave:


I was him and he was me

Each soul’s simple existence being the

sole purpose of breathing in each others wants

And breathing out each others needs

He was me and I was him

I never knew where he ended and I begun

Bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh

so intertwined and inseparable

We were twisted

Discovery bounced off each of us

He started sentences and I finished them

Reached for the same thing my mind was on

our hands touching and flirting courting bliss

In every moment

Our thoughts so synchronised an exchanged glance

or transfixed gaze would communicate

So well across a room of hundreds

Seeing me meant seeing him and so the story went that

in absentia one represented both

And questions were not asked …there was no need

I was him and he was me

Currents of energy resonated and resounded off each of us

with eyes closed

I could tell he had walked into a room

so distinct was he that instinct picked him up

Like breathing, when troubled or extremely excited

he was my default

He was me and I was him

His mind my haven, my soul his retreat

His lap my comfort, my heart his home

We were both guilty of committing the same crime

Head over heels or heels over head in love

It was magic and tragic how no one else seemed to matter for company just us two

Our past time was exploring this God that had created such love

he had to be amazing cause it was heaven

so a real heaven had to exist somewhere

The existence of such a father was believable because

a love like this had to be held up

By more than two hearts entwined thus shifting the trajectory of our lives

For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother

and cleave to his wife and the two shall

Become one…….flesh

I was him and he was me

Not glued together by lust but genuine affection and attention

Meaning his heart kept perfect pace with mine

In our silence we spoke the same language

Sekabantwana  the father of my children

All He Man

Was strong sometimes just for my sake

Would hold it down so I wouldn’t break

He was me and I was him

His personality sweet, words didn’t count

To fill the gaps cause we were comfortable

Voids didn’t exist or chasms

instead we had periods of bonding holding hands

Counting the stars

Crowds were fascinating cause

they kept us entertained with questions on how we

Could afford such a luxury, some wondered about fairytales and things being a

Thing of the past, so ignorant were they that when it’s right you don’t try too hard

But you work determinedly hard through each kink and crink

We were classic

He made it easy to be woman

And he grew all man because he had the right woman

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord

Unkulunkulu had his ways of working miracles

All we knew was that somehow we were privileged

Yes some call it blessed, we were all that and more

Words when he said them were at the right time


Explaining why I married him

I do meant submitting, honouring, respecting and cherishing

This applied to us both no double standards

Being faithful to each other was not a question

Trust was second nature and doubt didn’t figure in our cards

Which wasn’t only emblematic but iconic

To some this perfect picture meant meeting the man of your dreams

Followed by his beautiful wife ironic

We never tried figuring this out because we had nothing to prove

Enhlizweni zethu siyakwazi we were meant to be

GOD had brought us together

He was me and I was him

Unbelievable yet amazingly clarifying that you could have it all

Then I woke up……..


© Peggie Shangwa 2014





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