#16DaysOfActivism #Poem by @Streetmusicgr : “You lay a finger on her again and I will lay you down”


She turned around to say good morning,

All I could hear was a resounding playback of her mourning the night before,

I stared back at her emotionless ,

As though the night before had not been ,

I couldn’t flinch…no not with all these people around,

To all she seemed the happiest,

Yet I knew she was filled with pain,

She pouted it away… Portrayed the life of a dreamer ,

Though not alone…in her bed she was lonely ,

She dreaded shutting the door to the world ,

Because only then would she face wat this union had become,

How cold her warm bed had become,

She longed to speak out Yet fear sealed her lips…

Afraid her words would seal her fate,

At times she prayed… Asked heavens…,

That when she awakes the pain would have faded ,

Yet as she washed the tears off her face…

That morning she saw it ,

Looked closely to see her purest smile had long faded ,

Yet she wore this facet ,

As she walked past me that day,

In the midst of everyone she bent and placed a note “Help…Please stop it” ,

Though it hurt me it had to be done,

As she banged the door behind her Sobbed bitterly…

It was my turn Banged at the door…

His welcome was welcomed with my fist

“You lay a finger on her again and I will lay you down”

Let’s stand up against these cowards…together we can beat domeatic violence.

By Street Preacher

Follow him on twitter : @streetmusicgr



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