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Some of ya’ll call him The Hitler of Zim Hip-Hop, some call him Mr.Nice Bhachi..Some love to hate him, some love his work …Alexander “Anonzi Xndr” Mutumha and myself had a little chat last week on Monday evening. We spoke about a lot of things,all of which cannot be covered in this piece,  from the current state of the hip-hop game, his vision for 2014 and most importantly his first single for the year dropping soon.


Looking back at 2013, anyone who pays attention to what happens on the local hip-hop scene can appreciate that this  26 year old producer/singer/rapper put in a lot of work during the past year. This year he is promising to work even harder, and he is starting off the year by dropping a single entitled “Vanetsi” which, ironically, features the Chitungwiza rap maestro, mUnetsi. (Nope, that is not a typo, that IS how you actually spell the name). Speaking on the track , the C.E.O of Rehab Entertainment said this track was made to “address some issues, putting out a few facts about lames in the game”. The moment he said this, 2 words rang in my head…”Wake Up”. Xndr, however, said #Vanetsi, which basically means “people who are annoying” is not really on that “Wake Up” tip, but he promised that it’s something that the public can look forward to. Whether or not there was any name calling, we will have to wait to hear till it drops.


“Vanetsi” was partially recorded last year, the finishing touches having to be put this year. It was recorded in the presence of 2 Zim HipHop pioneers, Mau Mau and Mr.See. This time around production was put in the hands of Rehab new kid on the block, Terry Kush. When I asked him if it’s true that the incredible mU does not write bars at all, Xandr said “I didn’t write the hook. I just got the beat, 5 minutes later I told Marcques to record me…did the hook, then I asked mU to drop something. It was pure creativity.”Xandr’s 1st single for 2013 was “Love Faces” produced by Klasiq (G.Records) and the track was a bit on the adult contemporary Rn’B tip, but this year he says he is starting with something a bit deeper in the form of Vanetsi.


A lot of producers are appearing onto the scene at the same rate as the rappers are, and Xandr remarked that the battle is now not among the artists anymore, but among the producers. Currently, “Mr.Nice Bhachi” has 2 albums, unreleased and he is promising fireworks for 2014. His artists have a lot of material as well, and they started the year by putting out J-Oh’s video for “Vahombe”, which you guys can check out on Youtube.


Be on the lookout for Xndr ft mUnetsi, brand new single called #Vanetsi dropping real soon. Anonzi Xndr’s message for the public in 2014 is “ If you wait for the light to turn green, you will never leave the driveway. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect, keep moving.” Pretty deep huh?  Watch this space guys.


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