“In A Male Dominated Beat Making Industry, Everything Has To Be Top Notch” – says Lizz (Female Beatmaker)


Trends change seasons change, most industry’s have been dominated by male but once in a while they are females willing to challenge these industry.


I had a pleasure of interviewing a lovely lady Lizz Miribaby a driven woman, who is moving forward and following her dreams.


QUESTION : Who is Lizz Miribaby?


ANSWER : Lizz Miribaby is a female beatmaker/future producer.


QUESTION : Did you always dream you’d be a beatmaker?


ANSWER:  I always had the love for music but it was only
recently when I decided to take it seriously.


QUESTION : Being female how has been your experience in the industry ?


ANSWER:  Lol, it’s been interesting because being a male dominated industry it’s mandatory that whatever you make is top notch, even back when I used to dj, I had to make sure everything was on point. I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback especially from people who don’t even know me and that means a lot and motivates me to keep going.


QUESTION : Where are you based?


ANSWER :  At the moment I’m in Harare though most of my business is conducted online because most of my fans/clients are in the United States and some in various countries across the globe.


QUESTION : Talk about your best work so far?


ANSWER : Hmm that’s a hard question, I like all my work .


QUESTION : Whats the future like for Lizz and her fans?


ANSWER : I’m working on a number of projects with some rappers and a few singers so people should expect to hear some of that soon hopefully.


If you  wana know more about lizz  check out her links, or if you have any question you would like me to ask her email carol.marufu@gmail.com

By Carol Marufu

soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/djlizzmiribaby

Twitter          :http://twitter.com/lizzmiribaby

Website         : http://www.lizzmiribaby.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/LMB-Beats/151869261552478


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by Carol Marufu



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