Masofa Panze- The most anticipated Zim Hip-Hop Offering


MasofaEarly this week I posted a question on Facebook. “What does it mean for Zim-hip-hop if the Noble Stylz album doesn’t turn out dope?” Guess I’ll never know what it would’ve meant. The album is thorough., this review is just to tell how thorough it is.

Now I aint about all that rivalry, Zimhip-hop dichotomy etc… on this one. i am simply delivering information on the album. sadly it was released as a huge .rar file so people could not take the tracks one by one.  It may take a while before it goes around.  Masofa panze probably means he is at his enemies “lyrical funeral” I do not know what it means, but there are no diss tracks in this one.

I personally didn’t expect it to be dope but Noble styles Masofa Panze is the best Zim-hip-hop offering I’ve heard in a while. Noble reminds me of Munetsi, Maskiri and Outspoken shone bars. As you already know you don’t get a less real view than this. He is like an upcoming Outspoken wordplay guy on a Maskiri tip…

I still believe Nobles MMT diss was good for his marketing and strategic…. I downloaded this album for about 2hours. Trust me if Noble was just Noble I would not have bothered. As I said this was a very anticipated album, so I needed to hear this as much as I am waiting to hear MMT LP.I’m not cool with his enunciation of English language but he manages to stay dope on both languages. He is a wordplay maestro no doubt, he has profound line like Lil Wayne. I’m not taking Lil Wayne in a mainstream sense…. No the dope Weezy. I favourited a song called Rwendo nengirozi… I liked it because it was conscious around topics Immortal technique would rap about. I listen to Immortal Technique on a daily so that’s kinda the subjects I want to hear.

Noble be like…

Ndoita zvemaparty kudarika Government of national unity, (I do parties more than the government of national unity)

A.I.D.S ndobasa rang’ inini, Aquiring Income Defing Swag – AIDS ndini…

I am not going to explain the tracks one by one but if you like Shona hip-hop  you have to get this one, it’s a historical one.  Watch out for Dhuku Rechembere, Rwendo Nengirozi, Mpho’s Story, Jeri and Dhorofiya… quite great tracks that prove his different abilities but there’s more.

Finally this would not be complete without the link…

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