G.Records releases “Summer Is Ours” online.


Global Records is slowly becoming a major player in the hip-hop industry. The artists from G.Records , who , together  are collectively known as The BigShots have been doing rounds of performances around Harare since they released their compilation album called Summer Is Ours which is a mostly hip-hop album with one R n’ B  track by popular songbird Crimson Blu. The album was released on the 23rd of November and was launched at The Basement Bar in Harare with a  flourishing event which saw artists like Navy Seal, Karma, 360, Boneman, Ice Rockspin and more come through to support The BigShots as they launched their album. A copy of the album is going for $2 but the album has now been put up online and people can now download it for free. However, CDs are still being sold at the G.Records Studios and anybody who wants a copy can get it there for 2 bucks a CD.


Here is the track list for the album:

  1. Where U @? – Meyniak, Savage & Sharky
  2. Ndakumberi – Kidd Aktive
  3. Love Her – Crimson Blu
  4. Tipei Maoko – Savage, Kidd Aktive, Baller
  5. Chitungwiza – Sharky
  6. King’s Feeling- Meyniak
  7. Nderemahara – Sharky & Savage
  8. iAmLegend – Sharky
  9. Beast Mode- GudNtentionz, Savage, Karma,  Myke Pimp
  10. MaObama – Myke Pimp & Sharky
  11. Check Check (skit) – Seh Calaz
  12. Summer’s Ours- GudNtentionz
  13. Stolen – Savage & Isis
  14. Miss Pearly II – Meyniak & Tendayi
  15. Cypher – Sharky, Savage, Karma

Check out these pictures from the launch of “Summer Is Ours”. We are going to do a review of the album soon, as well as feature the artists from G.Records so that you guys get to know the guys behind the music -The BigShots. In the meantime, you can download the album right here  or you can go to St.Andrew’s House, the green building at Cnr Leopold Takawira / Samora Machel Ave in Harare and buy a copy. Enjoy!!





Sharky standing here with 2 people who bought copies of the album.
Part of the crowd from the launch enjoying themselves. #ZimHipHop
360 and Kidd Aktive doing their thang!!
One fan asked that her copy be signed by all the artists on the album.
The beautiful Isis
Summer Is Ours Cover Art (large)
The Cover Art for “Summer Is Ours”




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