Interview With Fashion Designer In Zimbabwe- Ska Sebata #Fashion


Ska Sebata is a self- motivated designer (statements of glamour). She is based in Zimbabwe where she is reaching for the sky following her dreams.





Here is a short interview Zimlink had with her.


Question: What are 5 things you discovered about yourself this year?


Answer: The 5 things I discovered about myself this year are :

  • My skin is pretty thick lol,( Business in Zimbabwe is so hard )
  • Not to count on anyone else but myself
  • My talent is bigger and better than I imagined it was when I first began my
  • career (Being self-taught and all )
  • I always have a plan ( Always, I just never say “okay, this is it, am
  • done, am out of options” ) I chuckled at this realization the other day.
  •  I realized that “I got this” ( I know what I want, where to get it and how
  • to get it)


Question: Name three Zimbabwean celebrities who have inspired your designs this year?


Answer: Three Zimcelebs hmmmm… My work is not inspired by people but by my surroundings and music. I imagine shapes, lines and colors through what I see and hear around me. Hope Masike and Chioniso’s music are great to listen to when sketching.


Question: What are your plans for Christmas this year?


Answer: Christmas is family time. My birthday also falls on Christmas day. I’m heading home to Gwanda. My father always bakes me this rich chocolate cake for my birthday and I wouldn’t miss that for the world.


Question: 16 days of fight against women violence what’s your take?


Answer: Ban Ki-moon said “There is one universal truth,
applicable to all countries, cultures and communities :
Violence against women is never acceptable, never
excusable, never tolerable” Statistics show that 1 in 3 women worldwide has
experienced physical and or sexual violence by an
intimate / non partner. I believe that self worth goes a long way in helping
curb this issue. As a female in my late 20s I
understand the pressures that come with being a
female in a male dominated country, I personally
know people who have experienced such abuse
and violence and I believe there is always a sign. If he hits you once, even a little bit, he WILL do it again.
Value yourself enough to leave that relationship; do
not condition yourself to think that you will not find
someone else. No one ever died of being single but a
lot have died of such abuse. Think of the outcome. It
never ends well. Also as young female doing business in this country,
I have come across so many obstacles, men who
believe that sex is a great payment to help you with a
business venture. Being coerced into having sex for
an upgrade in life is abuse and sadly many think it is
an easy option. Many believe that empowering a female helps emancipate them, but I becomes difficult
when those who are tusked to do the empowering
are the abusers. Who do you tell or report to, when
the one commuting the offence is the one you are
supposed to report to?



Article by Carol Marufu


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