Love & Faith


Let me start by apologising for not being here for the past couple of weeks, things have been pretty much hectic. But I promise you all, I will be here every Monday from now onwards. I also would like to thank all of you who send in emails and feedback, being appreciated feels good. Without further ado, let’s get into today’s business.

The last time I had talked about one of my pillars to success, Patience. Here are the other 2.


Naka’s Pillar #2: Love

Sweetie, you aren’t going anywhere without love. Here, I mean genuine love, not pretence. You have to love your people, your friends, colleagues and mates. if you genuinely love them, they will definitely love you back. Why do we need love? Of what importance is love? First and foremost, love is refreshing. l mean loving people melts the stone in everyone’s heart. Secondly, with love, the kind of success you will run for isn’t just personal; it is for everyone you love too. And this in turn is restraining, it will make it a Godly success, for God is love. Thirdly with love you can forgive. He who doesn’t know how to love doesn’t know how to forgive. Life is so full of mistakes; actually mistakes are what make life itself. No-one is perfect. It takes great love to forgive both ourselves and those who hurt us. You might ask, why do we need to forgive, are we still talking about being successful here? Even if the field you want to succeed in is not in any way related to the hurts, holding on to the past hurts and pains will affect our aptitude in being successful. We are humans, and every part of our life is affected by the other, they are all interdependent. Let go, forgive and love again. Love also allows us to always smile, appreciate and always see the good in others. That is good for us; it makes us better successful individuals. After all being successful without those we love around us to celebrate with us is no success at all.

Naka’s Pillar #3: Faith

Knowledge that, and belief in the fact that there is a higher power that governs humanity, that controls our being and watches over us totally changes everything. Further belief that the power is both able and willing to take us places we cannot even imagine (Jeremiah 33:3) makes the whole journey to success incredible and is soothing to our hearts even through all the difficulties that may come up on our way. It makes the ride sweet, knowing you can love and trust that God, and cast all your cares unto him, for he cares for you.

Till next week, good is not good enough. Modify your destiny and be your best.


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