Celebrating ‘HER’ The women who makes our lives to be special

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Next to God, all men owe their existence to women, firstly for bringing them into existence and secondly for making that existence worth living

– McDonald Gurura

I can never get to enjoy the true value of life

Without mention you in it,

You carry so much inside and on your shoulders

To make one be the best.

More than just an ordinary woman.

Extraordinary is your DNA

Virtuous kind of woman you are

Excellence as her mantra.

You being part of my down stepped life

Has been the best thing ever.

You changed me to be a better man aww …. actually you have made me to be the best man ever.

Your presence has made me more than a believer

To life’s dreams

That we will see to embrace,

Enjoy and live to leave a legacy

 – My Poetry Diaries #My_story_Our_story #Unique_and_Rare

Each year the month of March is known as the women month and on 8th of March the whole world was celebrating women in different spheres.  I came to witness some well written messages about women and how men deeply love this kind of people in our lives. In all the messages the one that caught my attention was from a friend which was written as, “Next to God, all men owe their existence to women, firstly for bringing them into existence and secondly for making that existence worth living”. It really got me to take deep introspection on what do we say women are to the world and how treat them is it fair enough or worthy. More often we put our focus on this one day to celebrate them, whilst in reality it’s supposed to be a daily thing.

Truth be told, the world can’t even be termed as complete or bearable without putting the women in it, for they are what really fabricates the cohesion of every society. I want to take this time to remind all of us that appreciating women as men and fellow women is not a one day thing  the words we say but rather how we treat them daily in their presence and absence. This goes to cover how treat them physically, emotionally and psychologically. Just take a pause and take a deep look on how you live your life daily and how it affects them, its not always about what you do in their presence but even what you  do in their absence show how much you appreciate them.

Most of the time we focus on the negatives that some women do and we generalise it on every woman around us. Though in reality we need to see what more of the sacrifices they put up to just to make sure life is worth living for in every sphere of life. We take to treat those that matter to us because of the few that have taken the wrong path or attitude towards life. No matter how much we are strong in stature as men but we don’t carry such a heart as like women, they go beyond the normal to see our families become the best of it all its priceless. Let’s make every day of our lives to appreciate these women in our lives, they deserve more, treat them with great respect. In short, let this women’s month change our way of thinking and how we treat them. I will close by saying this,

 “they deserve more than just words of appreciation, how we treat them daily is the best appreciation you ought to give them.”


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