The One Kind Thing l’d Do For Me (Poetry) by Mazvita “Younique” Gwangwadza


If it’s the one kind thing l’d do for me today

Let not my heart cry foul to a passers by

Let me realize my self worth and not give in to the deception

Of a cup half empty posing as half full

For it is but a mirage, fickle and plagued with foibles

Let me rejoice in the comfort that no one can get to me unless l let them

Yes they love my lips, my hips, my body

But that’s as far as it goes

Like a thief in the night, they will sneak into me

But leave with the breaking dawn

Back to their pledged, back to sanity they call it

Piercing this person inside this body who is misled thinking they will realize

I’m real and not a fantasy, l will not be your fantasy

Your backup plan for a measly hour or two

Let me celebrate in my individuality

The nourishing of my essence, the beauty that makes me stand out

The rebirth of a better me

I do not need you

I’m a beautiful woman, made stronger by the realization that

Within me is the power to love exceedingly

Until you realize that leave me be

It’s the one kind thing l can do for me


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