I Birth Fire – Short Poem by Vimbai Lole


I am cold
An ice cube claims ownership of my ribcage cavity
Icey blood flows from it to take permanent residence in the whole of my body.
Isolation has become my brother
He keeps me from touching my neighbour with my cold hands
He blocks people from noticing the frosty tears that have created a winding runway on my face
They call me the Ice Queen
Not even the bluest flames could warm me up

Yet in all that coldness something about me is hot
I feel my insides arise
The thundering sound of a promising storm
The pure pain that has me insane
Angel of death, i present myself!
Be kind to me!
I feel hot in the regions of my womanhood.
Is this your revenge against my womanhood, my feminity, my fertility ye cruel world!
Take me out of this misery
Im way past the doors of hell
This pain I cant bear
The part that makes me woman
It is burning down there!
In all this coldness
How do I birth fire?



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