An introduction to What’s Your Inspiration:

credit nomanono Isaacs

I am Nomanono Isaacs. Author of Escaping Apartheid-A Letter to My Mother. I was born in the Republic of South Africa. I am So Thankful to have this opportunity to share through this introduction, who I was and what inspires me now as I evolve everyday. I am very different today from the angry, resentful and hating person I was before I escaped South Africa.

These emotions were brought by an incident that happened to my mother. Two young white boys set an Alsatian dog onto her. My own Mama, was inspirational to my change, to FORGIVE! In spite of her experience, she had a huge LOVING heart. When she realised how angry and resentful I had become, she kept saying:

“Please forgive them my daughter. Please forgive them.”

I did not forgive overnight, however, she activated a seed of Love in me. Now I know for sure that each and every human being, regardless of what they do and who they are, have innate Love within them. Even the ones you have already written off and labelled as very bad people; they have innate Love within. Every baby born on the Earth Plane, IS PURE LOVE. New born babies do not hate anyone and they do not even know the colour of their skin, until grown ups start telling them things that end up dividing us, human beings.

It is my desire that through my contribution here, I will help, in someway, someone who has been in the clutches of anger, resentment and hatred, to go within and free themselves from these emotions which are limiting in many various ways. And sometimes can lead to illnesses. My desire is that, we each be the true change that we want in the world. Instead of pointing fingers at people and what wrongs they are doing, let us each go within and see what good we are doing. Change starts within and not outside of us.

My desire is that there will come a time when we will not compete with one another but collaborate. Not see each other as separate but cousins, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers; basically a Huge Extended Family. No better or special than the other person because Heaven Loves Us The Same and we each have a journey as long as we are here on this beautiful Planet.

Let us all be SELFISH. In a Beautiful way. Be SELFISH enough to care about our feelings….. the goal being Happiness, Joy, Love, Bliss, Peace, Harmony and more wonderful emotions which will help us to raise our vibrations. By raising our vibrations we will be tapping into the GODS that we are. The CREATORS of our realities.

I am thankful for this moment. Stay Blessed!















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