Brain and Body Tapping – Tap Energy Blocks Away!

What do you do when you feel a discomfort or pain in your body and you do not want to take any pills, to numb the pain? First of all, are you aware that any discomfort in the body is due to stuck or stagnant energies? There are myriads of causes that manifest in pains and discomforts in our bodies.

Brain and Body Tapping

I came across something that works for me. It is not new. However, it is new to me. I want to share this with you, because it may help in some way. It is about waking up your meridian system. Releasing tired and stagnant energy. See how you get on.

After benefitting from this type of tapping, I showed it to a neighbour who had pains on his shoulders and could hardly lift his arms, to reach his head. Within five minutes of tapping with me, he felt changes. He was able to move his arms and started tapping with ease. The following day, he was hosing his garden with ease. The neighbour I showed, then showed another neighbour who also started tapping!

Brain and Body Tapping

In my opinion, this is a very easy way to release pains, stiffness, and discomforts from our bodies and rejuvenating our systems. Just persist as in some cases there may be layers that need to be released.

I wish you a very fun time as you do this, or perhaps, sharing it in your community. And you do not need to have any computer to share with neighbours. You demonstrate it by doing it on your body. This is what I did with my neighbour.

There may be people out there, especially in Africa, where medication is paid for, who are suffering in silence thinking that they cannot afford to pay for the doctors. Yet, their own palms and tips of their hands may be the solution they seek. What is even better with this tapping, you do not have to go through the whole body process, you can just go directly to the area that has pain, stiffness or discomfort and start tapping.

Have A Very Blessed Day and Stay Blessed.

SOURCENomanono Isaacs
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I am Nomanono Isaacs. Author of Escaping Apartheid-A Letter to My Mother. I was born in the Republic of South Africa. I am So Thankful to have this opportunity to share through this column, who I was and what inspires me now as I evolve everyday. I am very different today from the angry, resentful and hating person I was before I escaped South Africa. These emotions were brought by an incident that happened to my mother. Two young white boys set an Alsatian dog onto her. My own Mama, was inspirational to my change, to FORGIVE! In spite of her experience, she had a huge LOVING heart. When she realised how angry and resentful I had become, she kept saying: "Please forgive them my daughter. Please forgive them." I did not forgive overnight, however, she activated a seed of Love in me.


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