The Scribe Prescribes Remedies For Hip-hop


In as much as it is promising there are issues that need urgent address and I’m talking Zim hip hop,

I’m not going to come out complaining about awards and airplay, that has been exhausted already,

This is what i noticed of late on the state of the game as most of them would refer to,

  • 1)Hip hop artists are not living from hip hop, hip hop is living from them, most artists are musicians at heart but go to work daily or rather play deals all day through, only to post on their instagram accounts that rap money is coming through.
  • 2)All of the people that relate to the current hip hop content are people directly involved with hip hop, in the form of producers and artists, so in the event that your song gets a thousand downloads it is the competition checking out what you have been up to, not real fans. For instance if there is a race and the people who come to watch the race are the ones contesting in it, who will honestly cheer for the leading pack? Thats why we have more critics in the hip hop circles than appreciators.
  • 3)The producers, i think its high time these guys improved their equipment and skills, does it require a rocket scientist to inform producers that a pro tools mixer and similarly equipment are not a luxury bt rather a prerequisite. Producers should also go to school and nurture their skill, this will surely improve the quality of songs nowadays it takes more than a condenser microphone and cubase for one to produce music.
  • 3)75 percent of the leading hip hop artists from Zimbabwe come from stable financial backgrounds. this lead young aspiring rappers into believing you can earn a living through hip hop without assessing the politics and dynamics involved eg dj bribery etc. Once the new kids are
  • attracted it wild create a bottleneck where by too many songs are produced and a very few are heard.
  • 4)Rappers spend so much time on the Internet instead of their Rhyme books, so you will find that some rappers have twitter upadates deeper than the verses they drop. Take a leaf from Zim Dancehall you never hear Killa t making noise on twitter but tracks are making noise in the street………..

This is just an intro to my presentation of observations look out the the Zimlink page for more to follow.
#theScribe# (Leeroy Lee Millz Dzenga)


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