Zimbabwean Dancehall Kings Rock Show In Boxing Ring


IMG-20131103-WA0001Saturday 2 November 2013, brought forth a new concept in the Zimbabwean entertainment arena, when dancehall kings performed at a boxing match (Sting 2013) and ended up stunning fans beyond expected levels. Sources say the attendance was an estimated 1200 people and Seh Calaz among others rocked the mic.

Seh Calaz has been causing heatwaves in the dancehall section, and they say he is in his prime. Other artists who kept the boxing fans on their feet were X Patriot, Dadza D, Sniper and Killer T while Star FM’s Temple Man and Garry B rocked the show in an almost 2 hour long session. Seh Calaz who was not originally part of the show was called to stage by public demand . He was called back to the stage when the crowd could not get enough of his hit track “mumota mukubvira”. Sniper and Killer T really stood their ground as well which got whispers saying “Zim -dancehall is on the rise”.

There seems to be no turning back for dancehall with most artists touring the United Kingdom and the unity strengthening everyday. Dadza D has recently spread the one love gospel by collaborating with MMT on it’s party single Chakaipa off their offering MMT LP which is being sold in Harare now.

Let’s continue to support local music. If you must criticise be constructive. One love





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