Meet Joker Da Vinci: Do You Think He Is Zim Hip-hop’s Future?


He is on the mic at #Rehab.Today we feature an artist by the Name of Joker Da Vinci. We have allowed him to tell you about himself. So yeah… all the typos are his own if you see any lol…. We have tried to keep this as unabridged as possible.

1. Who are you (Name and origins)

I’m Joker Da Vinci. Some people like shortening it to Joker or JDV or Jo.. whichever you like. The name Joker came about in school. I can’t remember who gave it to me but its coz I was a real funny guy.. I still am. And the name Da Vinci I gave myself in a moment of arrogance coz I was comparing my artistry to that of Leonardo Da Vinci

2. What do you do. What is your music about.

I do hip hop primarily. But I try to fuse my rap with rnb and pop and soul and any other genre that fits in with what I wanna push. My music is about… Life really. I don’t rap about Ferrari’s and Billion dollar mansions coz I don’t have that. I rap about girls and about church and about my days in school.. you know practical stuff that most people identify with.

3. Where have u been in music and where do u plan to be.

I’ve been everywhere.. literally. I have lots of people who had mad love for my stuff so when they left the country they took the music with them. I been played in Malaysian clubs, the UK, USA, Cyprus, Australia, Namibia, S.A, lots of places. In fact I feel I’ve done better internationally than locally in terms of my own personal outreach. Yes I have more fans in Zim of course but the recognition differs. I’m an internet artist. I don’t do radio. I do downloads and Bluetooth. That way the music spreads faster and further.

4. Who inspired u. Who have u worked with.

My biggest inspiration in music is Kanye West.. no doubt. He’s just a musical genius. I got mentored into Hip Hop by a rapper from Bulawayo called Spartacvs. He’s Man Souljah’s son. He would bring me along when he was doing his recordings and let me drop a few bars and I realized “Hey… I like this. I can do it”. Then when I moved to H Town I was taken in by Xndr and that’s where it all started.
I have worked mostly with Rehab artists. Xndr, Youngnash, Marcques, Swayz, Teddy, 3p, Boi Mac, Mik.  A whole lot of people too many to mention.

5. When was your mixtape whn is your next project.

My mixtapes are my backbone that is what I’m known for that’s what makes Joker Da Vinci.
I don’t focus on pushing singles that much for me the bigger picture is what’s important.
I’ve done two mixtapes. “H.E.A.R.T.S” dropped in 2012, my last year of high school. Then I did my 2nd mixtape “Black & White Rainbows”. That is the project that got me recognized out there. It went everywhere, downloads were crazy and before I knew it.. people knew me haha.
My next mixtape will be called “Omega”. It drops January 2014 and will be distributed for free

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