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We came across an amazing Zimbabwean creative named Bounty Lisa. she has a number of videos on Youtube which we will share below but first get to know her. If you like here subscribe to her channel.

Bounty Lisa is quite an interesting name. How did that come about? is that your government name?

My real name is Lynette Lisa Musenyi..I grew up listening to jamaican
dancehall artist by the name of Bounty killer,so wen i decided to
venture into music i thought Bounty Lisa would be an intresting name.

What type of music do you sing. Who is likely to have interest in it?



The music I sing is Zimdancehall.

People as young as 8 to 45 can

listen to recently i have seen much older people positively
responding to my music and the genre

In an era 

where everyone is online with their music, what would make people follow your links?

I constantly update my music online and also share links on my
facebook and whatsapp. My management has put up various music sharing
sites that are user friendly to anyone who wants to download or listen
to my music online

Have you done any perfomances before?

Yes I have done many perfomances recently. I perfomed in most major
shows so far this year i.e Zimdancehall Heroes Bash 2013(sponserd by
Chipaz promotions) held at dzivarasekwa stadium, 2013 show Cupclash
(sponserd by chipaz)held at the city sports centre, The inaguration
featuring Tony ReBel held at Aquatic Complex and also i have perfomed
in many clubs.

What responsibilities have you taken up as an artist to help society or what plans do you have?

My plans are to help my community especialy teenagers with a music
recording studio,because i believe there is so much unearthed talent
laying around and they need studios to help them record

Shout outs? anyone you’d like to thank for your success so far?

I would firstly like to thank God for opening the doors fo me and
blessing me with the talent. I would also want to thank my family
especial my parents for being surpotive all the way,i want to give a
BIG thank you to my manager Godfrey Bakasa who has helped me since day
one.I also want to thank dj fantan,proppa bless,jusa dementor for the
help they provide. Shout out to Dj Sab,tai international,paul simple,lunatic jamer,king alfred,Osa dangerzone

Here are some links to Bounty Lisa’s Music.

Basa Rangu –

Muvengi –

Freestyle –


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