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In the year 2013 I managed to link up and work with three rappers from outside Zimbabwe on a track that we called “My Country Girl”. It was Flake’s (Malawi) song and he featured myself (Zimbabwe), Barima Pages (Ghana) and Jigi Jay (Nigeria). I will not delve into details about that track, but I want to introduce you to Barima Pages, the rapper/singer from Ghana.


On 29 January 1992, in Sekondi, Ghana, Nana Kweku Teky Armah breathed his first. He would later on in his life start breathing on microphones using the name Barima Pages. “Barima” means “Man” in a local Ghanaian dialect and he added that to his Senior School nickname “Pages” which he got because he liked to read a lot. He even told me that he reads the dictionary because “I ain’t trynna dumb down my”


As is the case with most upcoming rappers back here in Zim, Pages faces the problem of getting airplay on Ghanaian radio stations. He says the radio deejays actually ask that you pay them huge sums of money if you want to be played on air and he mentions that as his biggest challenge yet on his music journey. However, he remains optimistic and he continues to work hard. I have seen a lot of rappers who push links to their music online and Barima Pages is one of those that really push their work. Pages says “My dream is to blow up, spread my music across Africa first, and then take it to the rest of the world.”


When I first heard songs done by Barima Pages, I picked up a certain Drake influence in his flows and the way he does some of his hooks. I was spot on as Pages pits Drake as his favourite musician and also one of the biggest influences to his own music. “My mom also inspires my music. I wanna make her proud and be able to fulfil all her heart’s desires” says Pages.


Barima Pages released a mixtape in 2012 on his birthday which was called #KIRM (Keeping It Real Mixtape). You can download the mixtape for free here. He was working on 2 EPs before the year 2013 ended, one called “Songs for Women” and the other “Songs for The Homies”. He released the first one in September 2013 which you can download free here. Speaking on the first EP, Songs for Women, Pages says this is where he really put his singing hat on. The tracks in the EP are mostly mellow and as the name suggests, the songs are for the ladies including the most important woman in his life..His mom. “Songs for The Homies” which is due for release sometime this year is going to include tracks with hardcore raps for the dudes to bump to. This one might just drop on his birthday so just be on the lookout.


Barima Pages’ favourite quote, being the Drizzy fan that he is, is “Better late than never, but never late is better. When I asked him to rate himself as an artist, he put himself at 3 on a scale of 1 to 5.He says “I’m still learning and working hard to perfect my craft dawg.” Where would you put him? Check out his music and connect with him on Facebook and Twitter. He is always down for some work if you an artist looking for collaborations.


Africa sure has a lot of talent and I look forward to working with Pages again in the future. Now about that track that we are on together, you can check it out here. 4 countries on one track, now that’s unity babey!!

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