Black African Women Rock awards


Black African Women Rock Award

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An exciting event occurred on the evening of the 6th of December, 2015, at the Holiday Inn hotel in Woking, Surrey. It was the first annual award for the Black African Women Rock Award (BAWR), founded by Lindani Moyo in 2013. “The BLACK in the BAWR is not a racist connotation. it is about being proud and comfortable in your own skin,” Lindani said at the BAWR FIRST ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS in May, this year. The organisation seeks to eradicate racism and leverage the richness of diversity. BAWR’s vision is to assist women to realise their true potential and influence their communities to do more for themselves by motivating and inspiring women to pursue their dreams.

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At 7pm, the attendees and nominees started arriving at the event. A mixture of different talents, musicians, fashions designers, writers, community event organisers and entrepreneurs sat elegantly around their tables waiting for the speakers to commence the ceremony, whilst an online African TV show, ZIMLINK, were busy making their presences known by videoing the event and interviewing the nominees. A beautiful welcoming high-pitched song by Pelagia Mutake and Da Sweetness elevated the liveliness in the room, with everyone cheering and excited about an entertaining night. The first award of the night, the Event of the Year, went to ‘Nigeria Events Awards UK’, who later on their Facebook page dedicated their award to the plight of the missing school girls that were kidnapped by the Boko Haram terrorist group, which happened in the northern part of Nigeria during the spring of 2014 (Bring Back Our Girls campaign).

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Chiedza Dawn Ziyambe collected the People’s Choice Award category. Caroline Makaka walked away with one (Outstanding Woman of the Year Award) on the night. Miss Nigeria UK, Miss Uganda UK, and Miss Malawi all lost out to Face of the Globe, who stylishly collected the Pageant of the Year Award. Leah African Design won the Fashion Designer Award, out of four nominees, Fiona Yorke won the Female Artist Award. Adebeauty Love, the founder of True Heritage Award and 2 other nominees lost out to Alicia Hixon in the Social & Humanitarian Award category. A special award of Lifetime Achievement Award was dedicated to Justina Mutale, who is the founder of POSITIVE RUNAWAY: Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread, a worldwide HIV/AIDS response campaign.  A total of thirteen awards categories were issued by the BAWR.

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A continuing celebratory mood was sustained among the audiences by the wonderful performances from follow-up singers Kafy Shine, Saha Samuels and Natalie sings. The Black African Women Rock Awards ended successfully with Lindani Moyo, the founder, having the last say. Lindani greatly emphasized the importance of recognising and acknowledging the works of African Women within the communities. She encourages a more positive attitude between African Women to support one another to propagate in their talents or business. By Ada Uzoije

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