Indie Music- Flabbz Ashton Christian Hip hop Song – LEAD ME – feat Vuyo,Hilary & Tinashe


A few weeks ago Christian Rapper Flabbz Ashton dropped a song entitled LEAD ME featuring Vuyo,Hilary & Tinashe . It is more like a conversation with his creator about how he needs Gods guidance to get by. It has a dope beat and fair mastering levels in my opinion; producers have a different ear and may beg to differ.

Flabbz Ashton Lead MeFlabbz talks about how he has tried to walk alone but failed so many times that he cannot afford to walk without the guidance of God. He asks God to guide him for each time he falls into the wrong lane or is about to think of himself as self sufficient. He asks God to lead him from temptation and protect him from the devil. Flabbz also says he would like his music to have a message; he likens the opposite to an empty envelope.  His lyrics are filled with interesting analogies that show that Flabbz is definitely not new to this rap game and has been working on his craft for I don’t know how long.

This is definitely something for those who love rap and find it hard to resonate to the common Gospel music out there which most Zimbabweans ascribe to. There is definitely a niche out there that resonates with Jesus Positive Music. Flabbz Ashton‘s delivery manages to convey the message and make use of various techniques. He is indeed a good rapper who has chosen the spiritual path. What I like is that he chose to rap in Shona which he has a lot of command in, therefore his message was audible. The chorus is a mixture of English and Shona and it is melodious.

Let me say I hope Flabbz continues on this Spiritual path till it all makes sense.May God continue to lead him.



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