Risen : #Poem by Anna T Gowera


Do you remember
When you trampled me
And danced upon my grave?
Underfoot, beneath your foot,
As your evil, it took root?

Is it engraved in your memory
The joy and peace you stole from me-
Subtly like a crafty thief
and none, I, would believe?

Do you remember your selfishness,
How you filled my heart with deep regret?
How I wished I could slit your throat,
Slice off your nose,
Feed it to a goat?

Yes you did, you did indeed-
You killed me right inside.
I died as exposed I was
And my nakedness found nought to hide.

Do you know, though,
That what up goes surely down it must come?
You had your turn, you had your fun & now it’s time to run.
Bully for you, I’m not like you;   I’ll rise above your works.
In that grave, no longer am I;
I’m flying high to the sky.
I’ve risen like the dust around your feet
As you danced your dirty do.
I’ve risen and still I’ll rise
before your very eyes.

Risen, and yet still I rise.
Still, still I rise!



©Anna T. Gowera

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