Nomanono Isaacs Brixton Book Jam


Zimlink was invited to cover Nomanono Isaacs at the Brixton book Jam, an evening of published works at the hootananny jam nonokazi isaacs_19

Sucked into the whirlpool that is Brixton book jam, this event vibrates with energy. Free open to all, show casting a wealth of literary talent. We meet up with a  colleague from the BBC (open reads) also covering the jam nonokazi isaacs_12

Most important Brixton book jam is open to all allowing every one to share in the worlds the authors create to help shape the world around us. A congenial, intelligent, unpredictable free event for readers and writers. The Brixton Book Jam is a free quarterly literary event.

book jam nonokazi isaacs_23 book jam nonokazi isaacs_15



book jam nonokazi isaacs_17 book jam nonokazi isaacs book jam nonokazi isaacs_4




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