Check Out This New Trend: The “Unotoshaya Kuti Zvinofamba Sei” Viral Audio Clip


The Facebook and Whatsapp bundles given by Econet have boosted virality of comic audios in such an Amazing manner. The number of videos I receive per day is now more than I used to get and  with so much material being passed around, one has to be a genius for his audio or video to trend.

In the past to weeks there has been a rise in the “Unotoshaya Kuti Zvinofamba sei” viral clip. The clip connects random phenomena in a very comic way and the accent used adds to the humour. At present I’ve only heard speculation about the person who may have done that clip so I will not go much in who we think it is. Whoever this guy is however, I salute him. He is doing a great job in keeping Zimbo’s laughing.

During the week everybody is busy and tired but audios such as that clip ensure that those stress levels are reduced. Another viral clip to watch out for is a good lip sync of Doris The Explorer which is in Shona and is going around whatsapp as Dora Diaspora. The twitter handles of the creators are at the end of that clip.

Zim Comedy is growing in the most awkward ways and has proven that one does not even need the most sophisticated devices to create a viral. Even your phone can land you in hundreds of thousands of other phones in Zimbabwe and overseas. Keep sharing some of those with your relatives.

Perhaps marketers need to invest in people like CST, SST and many other guys that are flooding whatsapp with humour.

You can get the audio clip here and pass it on:



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