Motivational Moment With Cleo Matinhari – A Short Motivational Speech


I could bet my  fluffy hat that we almost all have those moments really; when nothing seems to be going the way it ought to and we just need a little ‘encouragement-shove’ to keep going. That’s what Zimlink proudly brings to you today; a small boost of motivation by one Cleo “Ceajay” Matinhari. You’ll get to know him in a little while. For now, though, be inspired:


Aristotle once said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”.

Have you ever heard people saying, “I am eager to live a better life” so much it almost became a song? If they truly desired change they wouldn’t spend their evenings, say, watching T.V and wishing they could do more. Dear reader, the time for just wishing has passed; it’s time to look within yourself and decide that you are in charge of your destiny. It’s time to act on your dreams. Life is never about how things are, but rather how we perceive things to be. So take a moment and think of three things:

  1. What are you worth? I don’t mean the things you have like your personal possessions, but rather what have you significantly contributed in life?
  2. What would do differently with your life if you only had 24 hours to live?
  3. What legacy are you leaving for your kids, siblings and your community when you leave this earth?

In conclusion remember: Every time you try to think outside the box you are limited by the walls, but if you think as if there are no walls you discover endless possibilities. We are the people who will make the future better. I thank you.


About the Speaker: Cleophas Blessing “Ceajay” Matinhari is a young man with a big heart for young people and community development. Inspired by life coaches and motivational speakers that include Les Brown, Milton Kamwendo, Fr Chota, Zig Ziggler and Tony Robbins, Cleo has taken experiences from his life’s distressing events and used them to shape his character and personality and fuel his passion. He currently talks to school leavers, church groups and youth communities groups on how to bounce back from adversity and be successful in life. Find him on Facebook, connect with him on Skype, or stay tuned to zimlink  for more great content.

Thank you, readers, for your continued support of You, make us!



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