Blue for International Women’s Day!

By Nasilele Ailola

When women gather together in a positive setting, the energy felt encompasses unity, empathy and love. This exact energy was present at the recent Women’s day event organized by Rukayat Aderewa Basaru – CEO of True African Heritage.


Every woman was encouraged to turn up in blue attire – which according to Rukayat was representative of the light, goodness and purity of a virtuous woman.  As the American’s say, ‘the turn up was real!’  The variety of women (as well as men) wearing spectacular outfits; ranging from traditional attire, from each person’s respective country; to some top red carpet winners, ranging from the latest trending designs to simplicity at its finest.  So much glamour and style oozed within the room!

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The purpose of the event was for each and every African woman to come together in celebration of International Women’s Day and to also talk about crucial issues which affect Africans.

Some of the issues tackled were disability – which was presented through a highly informative speech from Mrs June Douglas and had the audience raising their hands to ask questions about what we can do for those affected in Africa where there is far less support from Governing bodies. Later on,  Mrs Fikelephi Jackson took revealed her experience of being a survivor Domestic Violence and her vision which is her charitable organisation ‘Against all Odds’ through which Mrs Jackson has created various community initiatives both here in the UK and in Malawi.

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As the night flowed, other community leaders also took the time to inform us of their own hard work to bring awareness and create change in various sectors. The featuring speakers: Waynett Peters ‘Lady Million’, Barara Gwanmesia and Rose Amissah.

In between discussions, the audience was entertained by music from locally supported, independent artists who all made it hard not to get up and dance. Artist;- Jen titi lola, Keziah, Seraph Voice, Joan Achong, Deoba Authentic, Ms Delight and Sophia all wowed everybody with their amazing live performances of their latest songs.  Later on in the night there was more opportunities to dance as the DJ took over and the music and celebration flowed on.

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Let us wait for Rukayat to organize another event next year to exceed this year’s successful in creation of a wonderful platform to inspire, empower and bring people from all walks of life together.

Many will agree that such events are needed to gather communities and create awareness as well as identify positive role models with inspiring initiatives and stories of their personal experiences. Many were moved by what they heard on stage and links were built through talking openly.

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To find out more about True African Heritage Events, visit Rukayat Aderewa Basaru’s Facebook page and connect with her:

Rukayat Aderewa Basaru is a Nigerian woman living in London and also the CEO of African Business Entrepreneur Networking (ABEN) as well as True African Awards.


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