5 Enjoyable Films from the South and East Africa


Eastern and Southern Africa countries are hot-spot travel destination for adventurer tourists. This part of Africa hosts a vast variety and plenty of the world’s biological and natural resources. It’s also the home for rare species of birds, mammals and plants.

To celebrate the beauty of Southern and Eastern Africa, I am recommending five entertaining films from this part of the universe.


1.Fanie Fourie’s Lobola  (South Africa) 2013

Complications arise when an Afrikaans man and a young Zulu woman fall in love.

2. Foolish Me (Zambia) 2014

Luka attempts to do the right thing by taking care of his pregnant girlfriend backfire.

3.Tariro Full Movie (Zimbabwe Movie) 2014

Two naive teenagers reached a disastrous end after an unprotected sex.


 4. Second Wife (Tanzania) 2013

An infertile woman struggles with the acceptance that her husband will be marrying a second wife to bear him children.


5. Watch Your Back Ep 01 (Uganda) 2014

 A young campus girl who takes her life with little or no much care always finds herself a victim of survivors. Her free style and less watch on some of her things in life is what so many survivors take advantage of. This goes on for quite a time until she realises she has been pressed a lot, she therefore feels she must do something about it.    



Ada Uzoije (Novelist)


     About the Author

   Ada Uzoije is a fiction novelist, specialising in  crimes, psychological thrillers and paranormal stories. Ada is also a publishing manager, film editor and a passionate film reviewer.www.adauzoije.com


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