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I heard his hit song on radio recently curiosity got the better of me I wanted to know about the man behind the hit. The creativity in the song I couldn’t miss the sound of mbira and I kept on listening. I was eager to know the person behind the jam. I wanted to do an interview and probably get the jam so I can put it on my playlist then I will let it be on repeat. The mbira hip-hop fused track made my day. With my love for Thomas Mapfumo and Chiwoniso Maraire the jam was slowly becoming a replacement.

At first his name was not easy to remember thanks to social networking within a short space of time I knew about him and his producers. I searched if they had a gig lined up and well The its bigger than hip-hop show was coming, well I made myself available. I sat at a corner where I believed I will not miss a thing on stage.

The show started on a high note but well I didn’t listen to any other because I had a personal agenda, I wanted to hear something from our roots. How old is he I kept on asking myself it isn’t usual for young people to fall in love with traditional African instruments. I concluded he was original and creative to tap at an untapped market.

His performance on the said day was wonderful, and I immediately introduced myself for an interview which lasted for an hour or so as he journeyed with me on his journey, his love for fashion. How he spend his time imitating hip-hop stars like Kanye West and above all his narration on how a traditional family set up gave him some everlasting inspiration.

Name: Neville Sigauke

D.O.B: 8 March 1993

Stage Name:  MCee Da – Nev

Home town : Bulawayo

Current City: Bulawayo
Schools Attended:  Gifford High School and Metro Institute
Genre:  Afro tribal Hip-Hop

Recording Studio: Dope Nation Studios


MCee Da – Nev

Q. Can you please introduce yourself to the world?

A. I was born in Harare and grew up in Bulawayo started my musical journey a few years ago i also love fashion. I’m the first born in a family four and am the only boy. Above all I love music that’s my passion.

Q. How does it feel to hear your song on radio?

A. To tell the truth it is a good feeling, at times you question if it is you really or someone else. I really appreciate the initiative by Gibson Ncube and today my dream of hearing my voice has lived am happy. I hope my song maintain the spot. The day that song got to the chat show was on my birthday and you can imagine the excitement I had.

Q. Who inspires you?

A. The super star Oliver Mtukudzi, Thomas Mapfumo, Kanye West and man of the moment Jah Prayzer they make me want to do wonders in the music business.

Q. How many songs have you recorded and the titles?

A.  I have done 3 singles titled Byo the City featuring War Fresh, Follow me featuring Mzoe Seven and My Afrikan Swagg featuring Blqlpz and LaJosh.

Q. What is your vision in the music industry?

A. I want to grow as an artiste and one day help upcoming musician make it big. I will also love to set up a recording studio that will produce top of the drawer productions. I would also love to perform at almost every festival in Zimbabwe.

Q. What are you currently working on?

 A. Working on my Album 8th Wonda which shall have songs like Mafaro pachinyakare and the high riding song of the moment Afrika Swagg. I’m also working on my clothing line Afrikan wear.

Q. How about your family do they support you?

A. They are very much involved in my musical journey they help me each and every day to make my dream come true.

Q. What’s your take on piracy?

A. The law should act; police officers should not take bribes from the traders. I even urge the Ministry to act and draft polices that may see those involved getting drastic sentences.

Your last words

Would like to thank everyone who has supported me my friends and family and above all thanks to Gibson Ncube for affording us the greatest chance ever to hear our songs on radio.

Arts opportunities

Intwasa 2014 application forms now available @ Intwasa offices Lapf 4th floor (Fife street and 8th ave) and National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (Mhlahlandlela Complex 2nd floor). Artistes are welcome to apply and be part of the “UNFORGETTABLE ” celebrartion.




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