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One of the perks I enjoy as an artist and also as a writer is that I meet a lot of artists and get the chance to actually interview them while they are unaware that that’s what I would actually be doing. I love it. My latest “victim” was Bruce Mungoyo, otherwise known as R-Peels. This is one of the rappers I met at G.Records as he came for a session one weekend. We got to talking and he actually featured me on two of his tracks, “Kunge Kombi” and “The Talented” a few months after we met. (Listen to Kunge Kombi here, it’s got a funny name but I hope you like it).

Bruce "R Peels" MungoyoBruce “R Peels” Mungoyo

R-Peels was born in the suburb of Warren Park in the year 1994. He started rapping because he was inspired by US Rapper/Business mogul Sean “Jay Z” Carter and besides being mainly a rapper, Peels says he also does poetry. He is the oldest in a family of 6. Most parents in Zimbabwe tend to look down on the arts industry especially when one of their offspring decides to venture into it. Peels was very fortunate to be borne of folks who actually wanted to help him live his dream of being a rapper. They even offered to send him to school to study music which would give him an edge over most rappers who just wake up and start spitting.


Most rappers have got something that kind of defines the sound that they make, and this guy says his music is made up of real life situations.  Some are even personal experiences, although he does take time to show off his skills and you know, brag a little. R Peels pointed out to me that he respects “originality” in an artist and went on to say that he is one of those that have remained original and have not faked anything.


Sometime this year, a mixtape called “Pyronomia Flame” was dropped by Mr. R Peels. Speaking on the mixtape, he said it was “a folder of experimental songs. Pyronomia means a nerve for setting fire carelessly. I was trying to find myself”(I think he meant to call it Pyromania and not Pyronomia). I forgot to ask if R Peels did find himself with this project but he said that the response was encouraging, it got him attention at his school where he performed some of the songs. The mixtape was distributed on CDS and on the internet as a free download.

pyronomiaThe Pyronomia Flame Mixtape

Like most rappers in Zim, R Peels has got something else besides rapping to occupy him. He mentioned that he is doing well academically although he does plan on having a long music career because this is his passion after all. I just love how rappers are passionate about this art, some of them at least. When I asked him about local hip-hop and what his thoughts on it were, I kind of knew what he was going to say, but I asked him anyway. He blasted the media for “giving people a perception that Zim Hip-Hop is all about parties too much” at which he remarked “I’m not really cool with that”.  Given the powers that are needed to change Zim Hip-Hop for the better, R Peels said he would ensure that people release real rap that consists of real life issues that people can relate to, make quality videos and support young, passionate rappers by signing them Speaking of videos, R Peels recently released his own video for one of the singles that he put out this year called “Lonely With You”. Check out the video.


We can expect future projects from R Peels since he just said he plans to have a long music career, of course he will release some more music! Currently he has no plans for a mixtape or album, he is just working on putting out singles. He encourages every rapper out there to “make real music” and to the rest of the world he says “Get that Peels to your playlist son!!”


If every rapper in Zimbabwe had half as much passion as R Peels, I think it would be good, but then it’s become rare these days hey. Anyway, let me know if this guy’s music a-Peels to your taste or nah!!

Peace & Love!


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