My Weekend Lover – Poem by Kurai “Mombez” Mombeshora



Weekend! Weekend!

Is that you I hear calling from the other side of 5 O’Clock?

Your voice is like an explosion of sweet delight in the belly of my soul

You make me forget the arduous torture of that slave driver, Monday

So ruthless, she doesn’t care that we shared the sweet embrace of church on Sunday

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are just as ruthless, indifferent to my plight

Weekend! O Weekend! Where have you been all my life?



O my lover, I’ve been here all along, stuck between Friday and Monday

Inga wani we meet 52 times in a year? Don’t worry we shall be together soon



Weekend! O Weekend! How my soul longs for you

My focus quickly begins to dwindle the moment the clock hits 4 O’ Clock

The last hour of work on Friday like the epic season finale of 24

Featuring me as Jack Bauer, I’m running out of time

My heart bleeds for you NOW!!

Weekend! O Weekend! When will you come to me?



O my gracious lover, patience is a virtue,

Do not awaken love until it so wishes

We shall be together soon, even if it is for just a short respite

I count down the minutes too when we shall be together



16:59 reads the time on my clock

My heartbeat racing, Formula 1 in my chest

Adrenalin pumping through my veins as I anticipate

The beep on my watch as the clock strikes 17:00

Now I feel like Peter after the miraculous escape

Escape from this mundane work which at times drains me

Weekend! Weekend! I’m now free my love

Where are you now so I can embrace you my dove?


I’m now breathing easier anticipating spending time with her

When my boss steps in and is like “MANGWANA KUNE OVERTIME!!”



© Kurai “Mombez” Mombeshora


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