Meister ft Noble Stylz & Blacperl – Vakafa Vakazorora (Zim Hip-Hop Video)


I was checking  out this new music video by Meister which features the self-proclaimed King of Wordplay, Noble Stylz and Blacperl. The video was shot and directed by Angel Arts . It was premiered on ZBC TV 1 on Saturday the 29th of March 2014 during the popular hip-hop show “Zim hip-Hop Report” which is hosted by one of the Zim Hip-Hop pioneers Prometheus.

“Vakafa Vakazorora” is  Meister’s first single off his debut album which is set to drop at a date yet to be announced.  Given that this is Mester’s first video, I say it was a good effort. There is room for improvement of course but as a first offering it is good. It is your typical rap video, with Meister and his crew being shown walking along a seemingly deserted road in some scenes. The clothing was typical rapper style, snapbacks, do-rags, bandannas and throw-back tees.

We gave you a preview of this track a while ago, remember this ?   How do you rate this video? I give it 3 stars out of 5 .

Watch “Vakafa Vakazorora” on YouTube .

Peace & Love



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