Humor Article- Mcpotar’s #PunDemonium Part One


You may find this interesting. This is my first blogpost on Zimlink of a series I call PunDemon-ium. It simply  is a wordplay blogpost. You may get some of the one-liners , you may miss some of them. Sometimes the hint will be in “quotes”.

I just got my result slip;

it seems to expose much about my exam sleep.

To cut a “long story short,”

if you test me I will “put you to book.”

In school I hated the class monitor;

it was an old Toshiba model.

During the iron age,

I bet no one had a creased shirt.

You’re asking me if my computer has windows?

Does it look like a house?

Trevor Noah should have featured on Synik’s
Africa Stand Up.

I heard Jay-Z and Damon Dash cut ties,

Hey I hate formal wear too, but that’s extreme.

You rappers should try using Cobra Polish,
your flows don’t shine.

When a boy falls for a cougar,

The first shall be the lust.

Girls know I’m hard to get over,

like the great wall of China.

The devil must be a cobbler,
Why is he in the business of buying soles?

Okay, your computer can save a file?
Well Jesus can save a life.

Prisoners are really like cytoplasm,
You’ll always find them in a cell.

If you like my one-liners proud to say I thought them all up, i don’t care who forwarded them).

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©Michael “Mcpotar” Mupotaringa, 2013

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