New World Order Slavery? – Article by Carol Marufu #Opinions


Carol Marufu shares opinions on modern salvery and the systems we have in place. Find out what she has to say.

Slave trade was when other human beings bought and exported other human beings for work as slaves in another country. But this has since stopped or rather it was banned. It became worldwide known that it is wicked to use another human being as a slave; we now call them human rights.

When one thinks of slaves they picture chains, wipes and a person hard at work, on forced labour. But we as human beings have been for centuries been fashioned and groomed to accept another form of slavery. This form of slavery I wouldn’t be the first to release it exist. Sadly most of us are slaves to the system and yet we do not release it

The system , does  it not sound like some conspiracy theory  well hold on,   picture this  you grow up, go to school you are educated, you pick a field of study and when you  are graduate you are encouraged and sent in to the world to find a job. A job this would be your highest achievement, no doubt you will climb up  the levels and become a manager or  owner of the company.Before you get ahead of yourself look with me for minute what did the world send you out to do “get a job”  Is that not ironic  get a job work for another man earn wages or sorry we call them “salaries” . Your objective as a worker will notable is to make sure your boss, employer, owner of the company makes profit. Doesn’t this sound the same as a man working in the fields in chains making sure his boss hilled profitablecrops?

The system yes it’s the new slavery  you work all your life earn money just to survive put food on the table but at the end of the day you as a person are never fully satisfied, you end up stressed but yet you an educated man and you are not a picture of a slavered man.

For some who are lucky release this and straight after school they look for a problem to solve andinitiate to start their own business rather than work for another man. One man said  be like a spider don’t go around chasing for food but rather  build a web  “a system “ let that system create food for you.  Which is a philosophy which we should be grooming ourselveswith, create a way for you to earn money, find a problem and create a system that generates money for you and live a free life.

Finally next time you picture slave trade ask yourself am I free or just part of a new slave system.


Article by

Carol Marufu

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