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“………brilliance and energy combined pointed at nothing are just mere and useless tools without focus……. “

We all talk about where we want to reach in our all unique and different paths of life, but have we ever asked ourselves what really is essential to help us get there. True! There are many ways to get there and a lot of tools put in place to help one achieve the desired goal of life but focus is one that really is a pain in the flesh to many to master because it is by it we are able to achieve the best out of life. There is no success story you can ever talk about without mentioning FOCUS as what made one to be a reality.

       They are many definitions to what FOCUS is but in this article will try to explore a lot and shed light on how to make it a reliable tool to be able to bring practicality at the end to have results at the table. Focus is the thinking skill that allows people to begin a task without procrastination and then maintain their attention and effort until the task is complete.  More often we talk about the outcome of focus but leave out its root, which is understanding that it’s a matter of the mindset not the actions we see on the outside.  I want you to look at the two key words from the definition about focus which are “thinking skill,” it unpacks that focus is about serious mental exercise one has to go though to be able to get the results of focus in action.


“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” Mahatma Gandhi

I came across this statement in one of the articles I read, “If you want to win, win in the mind first”, it reflects how one’s mindset is more important as it is the source which determines the reality of what one is to produce in their day to day life. Whatever the outcome we see in a man’s life is all a result of their thoughts thus the attitude of their mindset. So for one to really talk about focus there has to be a shift in their thinking process and setting their mindset attitude right. If you want to talk about achieving anything then you ought to set your mind right, once you win in your mind to set your attention right towards whatever goal you have. a total shift is needed in ones mindset, a lot of people tend to blame it on other things such as environment, lack of resources or support being the reason they can’t focus well. It’s not in these other things but in your mind as an individual to be able to focus, your mental capacity to having a concentrated attention at a specific target from your mind first to be able to exercise it. 


The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus. – Bruce Lee

I used to play cricket since primary till high school days and one thing I came to realise at a tender age of 9 was that you were chosen to play on the basis of the quality of your skill. To keep your skills in shape you had to keep playing the game so that you will always get to be chosen to play if any game arises. I took a 3 year break and when I resumed to play it was now a different story because I was no longer in shape, my skills quality had depreciated. The whole secret to keep any skill in shape or to master it, comes with continual exercising it daily. No one ever gets to master something in a day but it is all about keeping on working on it for it to be a mastery to them so it is with any skill.  Your mindset really needs to be kept busy exercising it daily so that you master these things we talk about making the mind the most important part of the engine of life.

So if you combine these words you will come to understand that focus is all about continual exercising of the mindset to be able to give concentrated attention to any goal thus being able to begin something and put all the effort till it achieves the desired results despite all that surrounded it. As you keep exercising your thinking capacity to set total attention and effort towards something it gives the quality of having clear visual definition of your journey and where you are destined.  So never thing you can just wake up one day and be able to put focus at a certain goal and be able to achieve it. You really need to work for it daily and it starts from within in the smallest of tasks, goals and responsibilities. The ability to focus can make or break your success in life, obviously we can say that if you are not able to focus then forget about being proud one day to say I have achieved this. It is what really determines the outcome of whatever you are doing in life, its success, failure rests upon your level of focus.

In my research I found out that Scientists consider the ability to establish mental focus as an important predictor of a person’s future success. it is the most important indicators along with intelligences We may not be able to increase intelligence but we still can greatly increase our ability to focus. When you focus on what you want everything falls away, focus is more like a sifter as it only keeps what’s needed and or throws away what we can call waste. Whatever you put your mind to focus on it gradually (continual exercising of ones mindset) registers to what is of no use to the goal and never put attention to it as it only get what is necessary to achieve the goal. Either negative or positive as long you put your focus on it, it will gradually become part of you to the extent that you end up seeing it as the normal way to live.

As I come to the close there are two last things I want you to grasp is Focus is a verb and a commitment- it is all about action not just ere words, speaking of how you want the result or focus but really not ready to take action. it’s all in the doing that brings out the results of any goal you set to achieve in any sphere. Once you put action to it then be ready to pay the price. There is no successful action without putting commitment in it, commitment is what wins it all, so if you start the journey of focus then be ready to pit total effort in it to be able to get the full package of what focus brings. SO FOLKS ….. FOCUS AND FOCUS WELL TO ACHIEVE IT, see you on the other side.

Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want, no one can hit their target with their eyes closed

 – Paulo Coelho 

***Focus is a game only champions can play***

Frank Nyamundero

Frank Nyamundero
Set your mind on it to achieve it


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