Ngugi The Zimbabwean Stylist – Who Worked With AKA and Da Les by Tanaka Samukange


4 Hiring your own stylist can be game changer .A stylist isn’t there to force you into new trends or expensive stuff. The job a stylist is to help you understand what clothing pieces are right for you. A stylist plays dress up with you, in order to help you find the perfect look for your body type. Experts say when people feel attractive or feel good about themselves in general, they are more likely to exude confidence and a positive attitude. Hiring a professional stylist may be an expense but it
will help in the end, when you put your personal brand on the market, it will give you the competitive edge you need.

5This week Zim links @TanakaSamukange caught up Zimbabwe’s very own Ngugi Vere who has worked with number of notable clients from AKA to Dales.

Tanaka Samukange. How did you become a professional fashion stylist?

Ngugi Vere. I became a professional fashion stylist the day i decided to become me. After doing a purpose assessment of myself, i knew what God wanted me to become. I chased my dreams and I’m now I’m almost living it


Tanaka Samukange. Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Ngugi Vere. My inspirational 1stly comes from God coz he guides me and gives me unique crazy ideas that push my game to another level


Tanaka Samukange. What do you like the best about your job?

Ngugi Vere. I love styling coz i get to be me and creatively blow people’s minds off with my work


Tanaka Samukange. What qualities and skills one need to succeed in your job?

Ngugi Vere. To be a stylist you need to be creative, determined, patient, willing to learn every day, passionate about fashion, hardworking, think outside the box and be entrepreneurial


Tanaka Samukange. Can you describe styling AKA & Da Les in 3 words

Ngugi Vere. AKA and Da les have swag and great energy. It was electric


Tanaka Samukange. Your brand Ngugi Vere has a very unique concept, can you tell me a bit more about it?

Ngugi Vere. My brand is all about supporting upcoming designers so I prefer working with upcoming designers to dress my clients coz I believe in empowering my generation. Besides being uniquely creative and daring, our secret is God coz-he is the one who does wonders for us and create ideas that other stylist never did or knew.



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