More Ways to Relax


Our world is too stressful, and that is why finding the time to relax is crucial.

The most common way to rest and relax is sleep. On average an adult needs 7-8 hours sleep each day. That’s each day not each week! But how many of us stay up until the wee hours of the morning. I’m guilty of this but the truth of the matter is we’re doing damage to our health.

Besides sleep, you can relax in the following ways:

Deep breathing– you detox and relieve your body of toxins when you take slow deep breaths.

Has someone ever told you to count to ten and take deep breaths when you’re furious. I’ve tried it and it helps release tension, so next time you feel like ‘killing someone’ just take slow deep breaths!

Imagination – you can do wonders with your mind. The mind can take you to the Bahamas or indeed Disneyland Paris. Imagine that person you don’t like being adopted by aliens, never to bother you again and laugh out loud (OK, OK, maybe not). But it helps to let your imagination run wild, and just for a moment let your life’s stresses escape you. What better way to relax.

Meditation – this is mental exercise and it can be achieved in various ways one of which is to pray. Then there is the Zen method, Taoist, Buddhist and so on. So pick one, sit down and meditate, remembering that the goal is for you to have a moment of peace, quiet contemplation and reflection.

Therefore, next time you find yourself under undue stress, pick one of the above and practice it. The results may just surprise you.



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