Last Saturday the 7th of November 2014 was a night to remember at the Croydon Park Hotel where the well anticipated Black MUA Awards left lasting memories on all guests that witnessed this grand occasion. Now the long awaited maiden Black BMUA awards night was finally a reality. The red carpet was the first signal and confirmation of what to expect for the night as the elegance of guest exudes as they made their way to the event hall. To me this was the anticipated success of the event. As the presenter for Zim Link, a media partner for the event, I was engaged in interviews and this gave me a general perspective of the expectations of guests and nominees who were full of enthusiasm, joy and euphoria.


The Awards night kick started at 9pm by Oluseyi Fiesta Ogunlana, CEO of Fiesta Magazine as the host with his co-host Ntombi Shibambo. Their sense of humour, engagement and eloquence made the event very exciting. Their unique fashion sense was a replica of all the invited guests and this defined the Glamour, Elegance, Style and Vogue that filled the event hall.

Interviewing the Founder of Black MUA Awards, Adjumoke Adeluwoye-Oduwole I got to realise that the main objective of the Awards night is to provide a platform for Makeup Artists, Gele Stylist, Nail Artist, Photographers and fashionstas to engage, inspire, celebrate and appreciate each other for their commitment and dedication to making the industry thrive. Adejumoke is the CEO of Blossome – Maid Weddings and Events, a wedding planning consultancy firm. She has won several awards including the Business of the Year Award, 2013 for African Weddings and Bridal Fayre at the International Women of Power in the UK. What really amazes me was the way people were praising, honouring and everyone trying to have a piece of her. This to me was as a result of her lively exuberance. Adejumoke is down to earth, her warm and electrifying smile and the positive energy vibrating around her are so contagious such that you can’t resist but conform to the lively atmosphere she generates.


The guest list was the epitome of the rich culture of Africans in Europe ranging from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Malawi, South Africa, Ghana, Cameroun, Zambia etc. and other guests from across the globe. The event was packed with celebrities from the African community showcasing their rich culture in the way they dress and that stamped the glamour of the event. Food and drinks was the cheapest commodity on the night ranging from starters, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, jollof rice, fried rice and pounded yam with egusi soup which was my favourite.


The DJ for the night, Deoba Authentic ushered us to different genres of African Music from Azonto, Afro Beats, Reggae, Dancehall and Hiplife. The event was graced with Fashion Designers showcasing their works with their elegant models and artists such as Angie Bea, Andre from Malawi and Hadassah Heights ignited the event with stunning performances that blew the minds of invited guests.

The most exciting aspect of the event to me was when the nominees were given their prizes for their exceptional contribution to the beauty industry. Their powerful inspiring and encouraging speeches gave me a new perspective to my dreams and aspirations.

What I said to myself was, if they can do it, then I can also do it and even better.

Hence the various awards won on the night at the Black MUA Awards 2014 were from the following categories:

  • Best Gele Stylist – Bimsfix Beauty
  • Best Bridal Make Up Artist – True Glam Beauty
  • Best Photographer – Powerful Creations
  • Best Make Up Artist – May Beauty Palace
  • Talent/Creative Make Up Artist – Bimsfix Beauty
  • Glamour Make Up Artist – Libek Beauty Consultant
  • Outstanding Media/Wedding Blog – Loveweddingsng Ng
  • Talent/Creative Nail/Artist – White Sand
  • Outstanding Hair Stylist – Libek Beauty Consultant
  • Upcoming Make Up Artist – Elegance Beauty
  • Upcoming Photographer – Ismiles Photography
  • BMUA Awards Lead Sponsor – Zedakah Entertainment
  • BMUAA 2014 Life Achievement Award – Adebayo Jones
  • Winner of Face of Black MUA beauty pageant – Chantelle Begg Rougier
  • 1st and 2nd Runner Up – Francine Quaicoe and Pettrice SayWee

The highlight of the event was the face of Black MUA 2014 which is a beauty pageant to promote the MUA Award brand. The Judges, Theodora Ibekwe Oyebade, Lande Akitoye Ogunade and Tope Affinity Q found it tough to choose a winner because of the competitive nature of the contestants. But at the end of the day, there should be a winner and I am proud to say that Chantelle Begg Rougier emerged as the winner of the Face of Black MUA 2014 Awards 2014. Her role as the face of Black MUA Awards 2014 is to advocate for teenage pregnancy prevention, an ambassador for youths and also to help organise projects and initiatives that will make a difference in the lives of the youth across the globe.

Also the night would not have been successful without official media partners of Black MUA which includes Zim Link, Fiesta Magazine, Blossome – Maid, Divine Inspiration, Miss Boss Fashion, De Unique, Zedakah Entertainment etc.


If you ask my opinion about the event, I will say it inspired me a lot as I met like minded people who believe we can all make a difference in the UK irrespective of our colour, race or background. It was well planned and organised and the euphoria was so intense such that people were not ready to leave even after the event was over. The after party really defines the success story of the maiden edition of the Black MUA Awards 2014.

The Zim Link Family wishes the Black MUA Awards, 2014 all the best in their future events and we are ready to partner you as you climb the ladder of success. We at Zim Link are proud to be part of this journey and we believe the sky is no more the limit but a stepping stone to greater heights.

What I will say to anyone reading this article is, it is possible if only you believe.

Zim Link hence seizes this opportunity to thank the management team of Black MUA Awards, all the Media Partners, Guests and Nominees that made the event a very successful one. We wish you all the best in all your endeavours in the coming years.



Story by:

Oscar Bimpong



Oscar Bimpong is True African Heritage Awards Nominee, a multi talented MC, Inspirational Speaker and CEO of Train2inspire Consultancy.

Oscar is passionate about radio. He was the renowned Host of “THE PLATFORM”, a Radio Talk Show on Fire Live Radio in London which was about inspiring our generation to achieve our dreams. The show won the Social Education Award in 2013 organised by Fire Live Radio, ‘The Platform’ had listeners averaging in 50 countries at any given time with a peak listenership of over 70 countries.

Currently the concept of ‘The Platform’ is on Zipped TV dubbed ‘The Next Level’ which is live at zippedmultimedia and those on Roku Digital box can watch the program live on their TV Screens every Sunday at 5pm prompt UK time.

To know more about Oscar and what he does, please visit


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