Yes, You Are More Than Good Enough!


Yes, You Are More Than Good Enough! How many times have you doubted yourself? How many times have you looked at your circumstances and felt intimidated by the prospect of stepping up into a level that, for a long time, you have perceived as belonging to certain individuals, and not for you? Think again. As long as you have a desire and a dream inside of you, stay with that dream. 

Know that your powerful friend and companion, is not out there, but within you.

It is how you Think. Your Thoughts can be your worst enemy and as well as your best friend

Even in the midst of poverty, in a dire situation, what looks dire to those observing, one with a burning desire to live a better life, will get there, eventually. Will get out of the extreme situation of not having much, to a place of phenomenal wealth. Not only wealth of material things but of the abundance of inner wealth. What is Inner Wealth? When one reaches a point of feeling contented and at peace with everything. Trusting that “All Good Things Come To Me.” And that “Everything Always Works Out Well For Me.” And when one does not concern oneself with what others have, and what others are doing. What qualifications others have. Who they have been associated and seen with. And just being contented with self. Things actually turn out that way. They always work out.

You Are More Than Good Enough! You Are Powerful!

Have you noticed that things which seem tough and viewed as tragedy, tend to turn out to be blessings in the long term? If you have not noticed or experienced this, please start observing, and perhaps, look back at your past. Has it always been easy with you? If so, you are one of the few, in this world and be thankful and count your blessings, everyday! If on the other hand, life has not been easy, look at where you are now. Are things a lot better than where you once were? Did something happen that was a disaster, in your view? Did that situation make you feel determined to improve your life? The contrasts that we encounter in our lives, they help us want something better each time they show up. So, on the whole, All Is Well.

Yes, You Are More Than Good Enough! There is so much that wants to burst out of you and touch the world. Okay, the world may not be the whole wide world as we see it. The world, is your friend, your family, your lover, your work colleague, your community and You! You Are The World because when you are happy and feeling good, there is so much that you achieve and in the process, you feel GREAT! That is because You Are More Than Good Enough and you are this power house, that constantly aim for the best. The best for you! And The Best For You always affect those around you. Basically, we affect one another in many ways. So, let us aim at affecting each other in a good way. Whatever we feel, even though we think, “these are my thoughts,” they always affect the wider world. Our Thoughts and Feelings have a ripple effect.

You are Very Powerful! Stay Blessed and Continue to Aim For The Stars!

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I am Nomanono Isaacs. Author of Escaping Apartheid-A Letter to My Mother. I was born in the Republic of South Africa. I am So Thankful to have this opportunity to share through this column, who I was and what inspires me now as I evolve everyday. I am very different today from the angry, resentful and hating person I was before I escaped South Africa. These emotions were brought by an incident that happened to my mother. Two young white boys set an Alsatian dog onto her. My own Mama, was inspirational to my change, to FORGIVE! In spite of her experience, she had a huge LOVING heart. When she realised how angry and resentful I had become, she kept saying: "Please forgive them my daughter. Please forgive them." I did not forgive overnight, however, she activated a seed of Love in me.


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