Simba The Comic King, His NAMA Award and Zimabwean Comedy In General


Winner of the “Most Outstanding Comedian Of The Year “ at The National arts Merit Awards (NAMA) 2014,  Simba Kakora, popularly known as Simba The Comic King has come of age. I remember the youngster performing at a lot of Book Café Open Mic sessions and Mashoko in early 2010. I did not realize he would later become the force he has become today.

Last year I attended a comedy workshop which was held by Simuka Comedy in conjuction with Pamberi Trust, where he and Doc Vikela (a fellow comedian) gave us the anatomic structure of comedy, leading to the birth of my comic character Tsano. In that engaging workshop I realized Simba had really been working on his craft and had made so many moves so when I read on his status that he was nominated, I didn’t laugh. I knew it wasn’t a joke. NOT FUNNY SIMBA!!!


His story begins eight years ago. After the completion of his High School, he proceeded to undertake an internship at an advertising agency as a copywriter and graphic designer, where  he was exposed to a wide range of standup comedy shows. Intrigued by this art form, Simba made a firm decision to take on standup comedy, and be a comedian in the next four years. It really make sense why I first knew about him in 2010 (do the Math, it’s 2014).


He was really a big fan of Michael Jackson and when the King of Pop died, he was overwhelmed and decided to vent that through this rare art-form, by impersonating Michael Jackson’s singing and dancing. Simba realized he had special powers to spark the laughter centre of the human brain. So he decided to test them, and now he has an award. It worked.


Now look, this guy is 8 years in the game and the movement is growing, in early years you may have thought, “Nah.. ah ah, he is bombing.”  (i.e. a term in comedy used to describe making lame jokes like ones in this article J ) let’s skip to present day, “Nah, he’s the bomb now!”. You want to attend this guys shows now. You want to book him for a wedding or a corporate event; you want him to do a skit on your album. Comedy allows us to make the things that bother us lighter on the mind. Simba and his team will guarantee it.

 Simba The Comic King, Carl Joshua Ncube and Doc Vikela

Simba has shared the stage with many comedians including Trevor Noah, Michael Kudakwashe (the funny guy on Zambezi TV), Carl Joshua Ncube and Edgar Langeveldt (a veteran),  Tumi Morake, Kagiso Lediga among others. as well as performing at Africa’s most dedicated comedy club, Parkers Comedy & Jive a stage that has been performed on by acclaimed comedians like Trevor Noah, Basket Mouth and David Kau. He is set to tour South Africa in December. He even inspired my Tsano jokes for Pete’s sake. Does that mean by association, I am among these Trevor Noah’s too?


What do you mean no ?

Well I wish it did because this guy is going far places with an art form most Zimbabweans didn’t appreciate a few years ago. We have the opportunity of being a part of this, by being supportive. The Simuka Comedy movement is about to “Stand up” and it’s about time you get a ticket and sit down to listen to pure tailor made Zimbabwean humor. No matter where you are from. Every third Thursday of the month make sure you make a date with them a date with them. (But go with your date)

Even the men that do national budgets, perform open heart surgery or disarm bombs need a place to relieve their daily stress lest their minds blow up. Therefore standup comedy, music or film is a s important to Zimbabwe’s overall progress as all the other careers mentioned or those you consider most important. Congratulations Simba Kakora.


The best thing I can do for those of you that were wondering how to get his number and book for a show is give it below, whether he minds or not. He thinks he’s funny, prank call the guy on


+263 779 822 504 Save As – -> 3rd Thursday Therapy

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