African Heritage Awards


Amongst a multitude of events on offer during this Black History Month, one particular awards ceremony will stand out in the hearts and minds of many – The True African Heritage Awards. It was a beautiful evening of personalities, glamour and added warmth from the host – Rukayat Aderewa Basaru – known to her online community as ‘AdebeautyLove’.


On Saturday October the 25th, celebrities, business people and officials across a variety of sectors within the African community, gathered at the ‘Event Palace in Woolwich Dockyard’ to celebrate the first instalment of this annual event. Together, personalities such as Nollywood actors Mike Smart and Danny Erskine; who on that evening was the recipient of the Best actor of 2014 award, were present.
The exclusive awards were presented to selected recipients for their outstanding service within the community in an array of categories. Guests were further treated with further generosity with a deliciously, spicy Nigerian buffet, all served alongside a plentiful supply of wine and soft drinks.


Days have passed since this event and yet the positive reviews are still rolling in from many people across the various social media platforms and the congratulations are still rolling in globally. This is all credit to an event which risked low success rates amongst tough competition from other larger and better known events held on the same evening. Nevertheless the event was a huge success and the many testimonials clarify this.


“Ade Beauty, a woman with big dreams – one who deserves all support and encouragement. It is a duty that we owe to selflessly support one another, if we must excel NOT as individuals but as a people. Congratulations.” Oluseyi Ogunlana – Publisher of Fiesta Magazine.
What a wonderful evening you put together from Rukaya and her team at True African Heritage. Kudos to you and we hope you treasure your greatly deserved award that was presented to you on behalf of the entire ZImlink family.

Article by Nasilele Ailola




Personal note from Zac Darkes zimlink founder;

Adebeauty Love put on a wonderful event !! one family under one roof. The attendance was impressive and buzzing with laughter. An energy fuelled by the host and founder joined people together. The flavour of the night was spiced up by the rich cultures that attend. this IS a testimony to ade beauty a women i have grown to love and respect. It is rare indeed to meet someone who is truly exceptional, hardworking, loving genuine and inspirational, Ade is all of those things and more. The dedication and love the TAH team showed on the night was well planned/organised. The sound set up exceptional as all ways from Pamtengo radio, if you can get these guys to cover your event you can’t go wrong and of course Lindani Moyo (lady events) and founder of Black African Women Rock LTD who’s work in design for the night was floor less !! the food… hot! and on another level !! De Unique fashion show on the night stunning out fits. This designer is here! Elegant sexual with echoes of sophisticated African design and injection of inspiration !!

Zim Link interviewed many amazing people and met many. Ok so what was the down side well…. hmmm….. there really wasn’t one. big thank you to the zimlink team on the night Tony Tokunbo Eteka Fernandez Simba Chioto Nasilele Ailola Eugene Ulman Romeo Fano Mabe oh almost forgot to mention zimlink won a award the team and i excepted it on behalf of all of zimlink truly humbled and just in oar thank you it means a lot to get an award of this calibre and is nice to be recognised for the work the zimlink family is doing. Together we shape the future big love and thank you for letting zimlink share in the first TRUE AFRICAN AWARDS UK roll on the next !!!! respect xxx






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