May It Never Bow Down To Hate ( Love Poetry)


When love fades away
And the bright light which shone bright once
Dims and goes away…
Lovers turn into enemies
Strangers, who barely recognize each other
And in whose eyes the love is replaced by hate

When love fades away
Accusations are hurled back and forth
Angry and bitter words are exchanged
And the withered relics of promises made
Becomes the bone of consternation
That divides the two into enemy camps

But I pray that this may never come to pass
I pray that if say good bye we must
I’ll look deep into your eyes and thank you
Thank you for those seconds, minutes and hours
Which I spent in the warm radiance of your love
I pray that this love I feel will not bow down to hate
But will hold on to the goodness of loving someone
Even though they love you not
I pray that I will love you eternally… forgivingly….

By Tanyaradzwa Vanadis17 Masaire

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