Read Poetry :Dear C by Anna T.D Gowera


I want you to notice and comment on the creativity of this piece this might even challnge her great piece I Am Woman.

Dear C

I thought we were friends

But you are right-

I drifted away.

O it is true that

I neglected you.

‘N’ I do know

I wouldn’t listen to you.

Now I

See you lying there

Motionless, emotionless

Caring not to heed

to my desperate cries.

I need you again, please, your

Ear, incline…

I Nudge you, oh do respond;

Cease this ghastly coup d’état,


Ease me from my plight!

When you sleep

The world goes horribly wrong!

I know I should weep

But rather dance to a foreign song.

Who am I; this being with no meaning?

Will I be the same; shall I find my healing?


My friend that is me;

Come on Conscience

I need you – can’t you see?

Heart stops; mind blocks:

Is she really dead?

Conscience; Conscience!

Won’t you answer me??

Bitter-sweet relief, sweat on my brow;

Dammit, Conscience- I can see

You breathe!

Conscience, dear Conscience, won’t you come and rescue me?

© Anna T Gowera

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