The Magic Guitar (Short Story by Mcpotar)


It was a perfectly ordinary morning and Jasper had his hands in his pocket walking from another failed job interview. He whistled with his head down in misery. Then his eye saw a guitar on the road.

He looked at it for a while and thought about whether he should take it or leave it.  Eventually he took it home and got into his room with it.  Jasper had never played a guitar before so he just decided to play with it and strum random keys. At the back of his mind he actually was thinking of selling it outside town and make a few dollars off it. Suddenly his fingers started strumming the guitar uncontrollably and the sound was beautiful. He didn’t even know what was going on but it felt good.

Daily he’d go out on his job hunt and later in the day would be alone in his room strumming the guitar and enjoying the music. He would then hide it under his bed at the end of the day and sleep. Months and days passed by as he continued the routine till one day he found the guitar was gone. He searched everywhere and could not find it.

Meanwhile on yet another ordinary day a guy called Robert was walking down the same road Jasper had picked up the guitar. Robert saw the guitar and took it home. He went into his living room to play around with it. He too had no experience in playing guitars. Amazingly his fingers began to play well, it shocked him so much. He called his friends to come and hear him play. They watched and were amazed, as they knew that their friend couldn’t play guitars.

Soon he was being called to play in restaurants, bars and shows. His reign spread so much around town, Jasper suspected he had the magic guitar. So Jasper set out to one of Roberts shows. Right before Jasper started performing Jasper stood up to accuse Robert of stealing his guitar. It caused a stir and they began to fight. In the middle of all that the guitar began to float and talk. Everyone stood amazed.

“You Jasper had no job and were looking for opportunity daily but when you found me you failed to see that I was your opportunity to make money, after my grace period I disappeared from you like I did all the others, some used me for greed likewise. Robert found me and had no job like you but he didn’t keep meto himself he showed me out to the world and is getting paid for it.  This lesson goes out to anyone with a talent too…now Mr Jasper may you join the audience or leave us in peace we have a show to continue.”

The Moral Of The Story

The moral of the story is clear as explained by the guitar. Sometimes we have talents and skills that we use for ourselves in the dark yet do not realize they could get us opportunities to better ourselves. Perhaps you make beats, draw, you write or graphic design. Perhaps you aregood at “selling ideas” topeople why not be a marketer? Yet we complain about the economy and how things will never change. We fail to realize opportunity before us and then get jealous when it passes on to other people.

If you are talented at anything, t6ake time to practice it. But after perfecting that skill don’t be afraid to bring it to the market. You shall not have poverty when you have talent and skills in you. That knowledge skill or talent is your means of getting by.  There is always a need out there waiting to be fulfilled by you. Share this story with your family and friends.


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